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Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

  1. 0 I am interested in starting this thread in order to connect with fellow CRNA students as well as get to know students from other programs - so that we may all share in the bumpy road we are about to partake...

    I will be attending University of Scranton CRNA program starting Fall 2010! I am taking courses starting here soon in order to lighten my load when fall rolls around.

    Hope to meet some fellow students,
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    my husband is looking into going to a anesthesiologist assistant program which is kinda the same as CRNA. He is an RRT which is why he is going that route otherwise he would have to start over. Wondering if you or anyone knows pros/cons of this up and comming career? thanks
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    Hello! I am attending University at Buffalo starting Fall 2010!
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    BB, Good luck at the University of Scranton. I got my BSN from Scranton & loved it. I'm currently applying to CRNA school, but unfortunately live a few hours from the Scranton area. Best wishes!
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    hi I am currently attending wolford college and just started this spring.. I hope everyone is doing well and congrats on getting in for the fall.... I am just taking a quick short break from studying..
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    good luck at Scranton. I know quite a few people in the program now. Many who worked at Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest. I will be applying there this summer. The program is INTENSE, but they all have great things to say about it!!!
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    Congratulations!!!!I got accepted to KPSAN in Cali...will start this Fall.
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    Hey, I am new to allnurses. I will be starting Columbia's CRNA program in June 2010. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I joined this forum so I won't feel so alone in this endeavor. I wish everyone the BEST! I hope to hear from you!
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    I am going to Columbia too.
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    I'm going to Texas Wesleyan this fall!!!! Woohoo!!!!
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    Northeastern University, but I'm 8 months in already. Class of 2012! Welcome to the party
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    I start Texas Wesleyan in August 2010!!! I have been working for 9 years getting ready for this. All the hard work and persistance is about to pay off!!! Congrats to everyone being accepted. Those of you that have not been accepted... DON'T GIVE UP!!
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    Gooding Institute in Panama City, Florida! Starting August 2010!