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  1. SavvieCCRN

    Nurses Under 30 Years Old

    I would agree that the "generation me" has some issues with feeling entitled; however, I do not see this trend at my hospital. This situation at some places of employment may just be specific to particular units & based on what managers will tolerate. Currently I work in one of the largest Peds ICU's in the country & estimate that at least 60-70% of our nursing staff is under 30. I do not see this as a negative because our manangement does not tolerate laziness, poor behavior at work, etc. If an employee knows what is expected of them, age should not matter. On the flip side, nothing can replace years of experience, which the younger staff just will not have for many years.
  2. SavvieCCRN

    Discouraged by Nurses who hate their job

    Nursing is a very tough job, so if you're going to go for it be prepared to work very hard. I find that my co-workers & I have the most "compliants" about being a nurse related to working crazy, long hours, often working holidays, not being able to take a lunch/break when you want & often not getting breaks. In addition, there is alot of verbal abuse taken from physicians, patients, parents, etc. Those are the bad things that I see in my career, but caring for critically ill patients & making a difference to them (however small) is worth it for me. Plus, it's nice to work 3 12-14 hour days & have 4 days off. Good luck!
  3. SavvieCCRN

    Likelyhood of being admitted into a CRNA program?

    If you get some good ICU experience, it shouldn't be a problem. I have a friend with very similar story & the high nursing GPA basically got her in anywhere.
  4. SavvieCCRN

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    BB, Good luck at the University of Scranton. I got my BSN from Scranton & loved it. I'm currently applying to CRNA school, but unfortunately live a few hours from the Scranton area. Best wishes!