How many times did you apply for CRNA school before being accepted?

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    I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently or previously enrolled who applied more than once to CRNA school? If you weren't accepted the first time did that change your views on becoming a CRNA? Also, what can one expect in the way of costs for interviews (hotels, airfare, app. fee)?

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

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    I was interested in about 4-5 CRNA programs around my area, and the application fees were at least $50 for each school. I applied to my top 2 choices and got accepted. The 2 programs I applied to were in my area, so I didn't have to pay for flight, hotel, etc. However, the other applicants that were at my interview day did come from out of state, even as far as across the country. They said they had an early flight on the day of the interview and got a return flight in the evening. If you gain acceptance into a program, you usually are required to put a security down payment that is non-refundable and it may or may not be credited towards your future tuition bill (mine didn't). Also, I'm not sure if every CRNA program requires their students to have a current RN license in that state or where you will be assigned for clinical (mine did). So if you apply to a program that is not in the state you currently work or are licensed as a RN- you will have to apply and pay to transfer/endorse your RN license to that state. Depending on which state, this can cost a couple of hundred dollars. These were all costs that I didn't realize, so it definitely adds up in the end!
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    I currently reside in Oklahoma and the options are extremely limited. I believe there is one satellite school? So, the chances of me moving out of state to go to school are high. Thanks for the info.
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    Quote from JakeOff
    I currently reside in Oklahoma and the options are extremely limited. I believe there is one satellite school? So, the chances of me moving out of state to go to school are high. Thanks for the info.
    I went to OU and worked in Texas. Moved to PA to go to school. Only applied to one school and was lucky enough to get in. The school I am in has 20 seats and introduces the clinical setting right away. I ended up avoiding the Texas schools because their classes are so big and I am sure it is much harder to get 1 on 1 time when it is needed.
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    Do not let a rejection get you down. Apply to more than one school, I know I did, and I'm glad I did. The fact that one school does not feel you are a match does not mean you are not a good candidate for another school. Look at med, law, and or even pharmcay students, do you think they limit themselves to one school? Or the schools 50 miles from there home? NA school is competitive, now more than ever (because of the increased interest). If you really want it, perk up and keep moving. Good luck

    Oh and to answer your question, yes, I did get a rejection from one school, but got into my top academic choice. Notice I said academic choice, because I applied to the school that rejected me out of convenience.
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    nice post. needed to read this for motivation
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    Don't ever be discouraged if you apply the first time and don't get in. I applied to 5 schools and I did so poorly on one interview, that I knew I wouldn't get in. I just used that experience to prepare myself for more the next interview... and you know what...I got accepted to a great school. I know a great CRNA that didn't get accepted her first time out...she just kept going towards her goal. Believe in yourself, strengthen your skills, be confident and succeed.
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    I agree with all of the above. As far as cost for interviews, hotels, etc. I would recommend you try to group all of your interviews that are near each other together. Lucky for me, the schools I interviewed at allowed me to pick my interview dates. For instance, I had 3 interviews. The first was in Ohio. I flew there, rented a car, had my interview and drove to the next one in PA, which was 2 hours away. I got a hotel and the next morning had my interview in that city. Then I drove about 45 minutes to the next interview, stayed the night in a hotel and had my final interview. I originally wanted to fly out of the the city where I had my last interview, but it was too expensive to return the car at a different location, so I drove about 3 hours back to the orginal city and flew home (it's also important to make sure that the rental agency you choose offers unlimited miles) This was more cost effective for me since I live down south and would have had to fly multiple times up to Ohio and Pennsylvania. You just have to see what works for you. Also, try to stay in hotels that are near the school/hospital where you are interviewing and ask if there is a discount (for either the school or the hospital). I was able to get my hotels for good prices.

    I also agree that you shouldn't get discouraged, but it's really hard not to. Especially when it's something you're really passionate about. But have faith that you will get in where you are supposed to. Not every school is a good fit for you and vice versa. Good luck!
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    1 application, 1 interview, 1 acceptance. Just lucky I guess!
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    hey manusko,
    i know this is an old thread but i saw that you worked intexas and moved to pennsylvania for anesthesia school. i was curious how you decided on a place to live without the ability to see the area first hand. i recently accepted a position in a crna program in pennsylvania and will be relocating from north texas as well. i was accepted into another program close to home but also preferred the smaller class size offered by the program in pennsylvania. thanks in advance for any advice.

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