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CABGx4 has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, CRNA and specializes in Anesthesia.

5 years nursing experience. Just over 5 as a CRNA.  life is good!

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  1. I received an interview invitation to Allegheny.  Do you have any advice for the clinical aspect of the interview?  I am beyond nervous for this one.


    1. CABGx4


      How was your interview?

    2. Penguins88


      It was very difficult. I didn’t get accepted there but prepared me for other interviews.  However, I was accepted to my number one choice.  In my 3rd week of the program now.  

  2. CABGx4

    How much do you make?

    I'm I western PA and made almost 180k last year with some OT in there. In general, big cities will pay less than small rural cities and towns. I have friends that moved to rural Texas and made a base salary of 200k. CRNA demand is on the rise so don't believe the naysayers. There's tons of jobs right now and sign on bonuses are coming back. It was hard to get where I'm at but this job is worth all the effort
  3. CABGx4

    How much a CRNA really makes ?

    I was going to answer your question until I read this comment
  4. CABGx4

    CRNA Hours

    It's like the op said. If you can think up a schedule, it exists somewhere. Small hospital or's are likely done by 3. Bugger ones work around the clock and all shifts need coverage. Mine is a ten week call schedule some 24, 14, 12, 10, and 8 hour shifts. With plenty of days off í ½í±. I love my schedule except getting called for a code at 3am only to find the icu patient already intubated. í ½í¸¡
  5. CABGx4

    Allegheny Valley Hospital School of Anesthesia interview

    I don't check this site anymore but I got an email alert about your post. í ½í± I'd be happy to talk to you. Can you pm on this site? I'm not even sure anymore. If not just reply. I graduated from the valley in '14. í ¾í´˜âœŒï¸
  6. CABGx4

    Anyone got accepted to CRNA school with a low GRE score???

    math 149. verbal 151. essay 4. old scoring equivalent 1080. just finished 2nd semester;) good luck
  7. CABGx4

    Is SICU really the preferred ICU of choice when becoming a CRNA?

    I don't think there is a big difference as far as increasing your odds of getting into school. What matters is how much you learn and excel at your position. FYI I had 2 yrs MICU and 2 CTICU. Good luck
  8. CABGx4

    Help needed and severe advice about CRNA

    There are plenty of other ways to stand out without wasting time and money on an msn.
  9. CABGx4

    Help needed and severe advice about CRNA

    Skip the NP!!! Do not use that as a stepping stone toward CRNA. If u want CRNA, pursue that feverishly. U need at least one year of cv exp so I would go to community college and retake micro--and get an A of course. Take gre, shadow, precept new hires, do something involved with students, or charge nurse. Leadership exp helps. Most CRNA students do not have NP so please don't waste your time. Good luck!!
  10. CABGx4

    may you help me

    Hmmm.. A sensitive bunch. All I'm saying is a lil initiative can go a long way. Anesthetists are not the kind of folks who need spoon fed information. If your really interested, pm me and I'll help you out:)
  11. CABGx4

    may you help me

    I think google can help you. If you are too lazy to research the requirements yourself, you are probably too lazy for a career in nurse anesthesia.
  12. CABGx4

    Average age of SRNA?

    I will turn 34 the day before my classes start this fall. Cudos to all you youngins out there who can handle this amount of responsibility. When I was 22, I had plenty of other things on my mind!!
  13. CABGx4

    Central line placement left IJ

    Just take the cap off and if blood squirts across the room you'll have your answer. But seriously it sounds venous ESP with the fistula in that arm. On X-ray, the central line would not reach the right atrium and may appear to be in the aorta. Just my 2 cents
  14. CABGx4

    Just Hired for Cardiac ICU

    Congrats on your new position. Other than frequent drips used, learn how to read a 12 lead EKG i.e. what leads and associated abnormalaties correlate to which coronary arteries. You will impress a lot of people esp the cardiac surgeons. You will be surprised how many people in the cardiac unit cannot read 12 leads. Oh almost forgot, Edwards lifescience has a great site with lots-o hymodynamic info since they make swans & monitors & stuff. Good luck!!
  15. CABGx4

    Any advice for a novice CCU nurse?

    Do not listen to this one. Alarms are there for a reason. Yes, many nurses let unnecessary alarms ring all night long and this is why alarm fatigue is such a major issue in ICU's. But that one alarm you do ignore when your pt's sat is 60% will haunt you. Some alarms cannot be helped. Whatever you do, do not adjust the volume either. Adjust your limits for patient norms and respond to alarms appropriately. Ignoring them by either letting them ring or hitting the silence button from the nurses station is bad practice and you are asking for trouble!
  16. CABGx4

    CCRN...so close!!!

    "I just want to let you know that as an ICU nurse, it is impiortant to know alot about the different dips and how they function. For example if someone has dopamine and levo going and they have a high heart rate and still low bp, you should know to increase levo and not dop." I have to disagree with this one. Norepinephrine is naturally found catecholamine within the body with primary role as a neurotransmitter. It also acts on the sympathetic nervous system, along with epinephrine, during the body's fight or flight response and has positive chronotropic effect. As a drug, It acts primarily on alpha 1 & 2 receptors causing vasoconstriction but maintains some beta agonistic effects. That being said, if I have a hypotensive & tachycardic patient on dopamine and norepi gtts, I would NOT increase the norepi as this would increase the tachycardia. Now high-dose dopamine has similar effects and not a good choice as a vasopressor. I would look for adding a Neo or vasopressin gtt. Increasing the tachycardia shortens diastole and reduces coronary filling time, reduces cardiac output, and increases the risk of cardiac ischemia. If you need blood pressure now, do what you have to do but for an entire shift I would look at other options.

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