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  1. by   manusko
    Quote from Raider 3/1
    But they are private schools though, wouldn't that counter the fact that im not paying out of state tuition?
    Not all private schools are more expensive than state schools. My schools tuition was around $50k and it was a private school. Some in state tuitions are as much and more. The AANA just published an article about tuition vs pay for non physician providers of anesthesia that had tuition costs for many if not all CRNA programs. This included instate and out of state tuition.
  2. by   tswim
    Quote from Raider 3/1
    But they are private schools though, wouldn't that counter the fact that im not paying out of state tuition?
    Exactly Raider. And there are actually 5 CRNA schools in TX, 3 private, 1 public, and the Army program.

    So, the only school where a TX residency would help you get lower tuition is UT Health Science Center-Houston. Cost of attendance there is significantly less than the 3 private schools, but it is also one of the most competitive for admissions.
  3. by   Raider 3/1
    Thanks for all the helpful input everyone. Ill be trying to attend the joint service (Army program) once I get moved. Wanted to know what my options were if I couldn't get my military branch to pay for my masters.
  4. by   slaterRN
    I'm walking with 180 which is average if not lower than fellow classmates
  5. by   DaveCRNA
    Your amount of debt from school is very dependent on MANY factors.

    Only you can decide how much is too much. I have around 180k. I also had a wife and four kids to support during school. For ME it is worth it. I'll be paying for my education until retirement(more than my mortgage every month)....for ME still worth it. I don't have a 400k house or live a whole lot better than when I was working ICU, but man I love my work.

    So I say my debt is not too much for me, for others they cringe at the thought.
  6. by   sweetdreameRN
    I will probably have >$160 when I graduate from Baylor. If you live on your previous ICU RN salary and save, it can be quickly paid off. It is scary, but it is absolutely worth it. It definitely makes me want to study harder because if I don't finish, I'm SOL...
  7. by   Robbinaj
    Hi there,
    I know this is an old post but I am wondering if it was hard to get that much in the form of loans ^^ 160s/180s... I will start school in August and from what they tell me they will give us the cost of attendance and no more. It also seems like the private sector, Wells Fargo/Sallie Mae, will only give up to the cost of attendance as well. I am wondering how the people with families increased this amount in order to support their families?
  8. by   missnurse01
    Hi Robbin,

    every school can only give you up to cost of attendance. Every loan provider for a school loan now has to go by COA. The school should be able to tell you for the school year how much that is. For us, it worked out to about 2000 a month to live on. My husband took some classes so we could get the rest of his GI bill and he also took out loans. We are a family of 5. Our car was paid off, no credit card debt, etc. You can't increase the amount, or at least I haven't heard of it being done. Many families save up a bit before school since they know that the loan money will be low. Right now I am on track for about 120,000 bucks in loans, as that is the max I can get from my school. We have a few families in my class, and we are eking by! Many of us have only one car in the family. Or both cars are paid off. Our rent is also fairly cheap, for a 3 bedroom house about 20 min from isn't the greatest house but it is in an okay area and doesn't leak, lol. I know people that sold their houses and are using some of that money, or others that are renting out their houses for more than the mortgage. Many people have room mates to lower costs.

    Good luck!
    Work as much as you can between now and school start!!!
    Plan on using your tax return next year as living money as well!

    There is no way to borrow enough to live on your current income...unless you are borrowing from family! Cut back all costs...phones, cable, etc. We don't even have trash service, everything that isn't recycled goes to the dump once a month, as the volume is pretty low.

    Again, good luck
    Ive been doing this all through school. You just have to be careful. I have great credit and a combined $200,000 credit limit. Work the system just be sure to pay before interest begins accruing. I open a new account anytime they offer. Like I said $200,000 credit limit for a poor full-time student isn't a bad safety net.
  10. by   SrNaOnMyWaY
    You can increase your COA, it just isn't easy. I am going to be about $8K short/year on student loans. I need 6 months of receipts to increase my COA and get more money. It's really scary to know you don't have enough income, but I'm hoping I can get what I need soon. If not, there's always the credit card game mentioned pays to have great credit because you get zero percent checks every so often and when one zero percent is close to running out you can transfer. I don't really want to do that but I plan to if I have to.
  11. by   globalkimSRNA
    Quote from MeTheRN
    I just finished CRNA school and my student loans are approximately $157k. Based on my salary and the repayment programs I have researched through my school's financial aid, I can pay $2000/month for 20 years. The remainder of the loan will then be pardoned. It's a repayment plan that is tiered to your annual income (the name is escaping me right now). It applies to federal student loans. Another option is to take a high paying job in a rural state, live like a college student, and pay $5000/k per month and pay it back in 2-3 years.
    I know this is several years later. But I'm curious. How's your repayment going? What did you decide?
    Thanks (pending SRNA)