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DaveCRNA has 7 years experience and specializes in Anesthesia: Peds, General, ENT, Trauma.

<s>Aspiring to become a </s>CRNA...wish me luck.

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  1. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    Your amount of debt from school is very dependent on MANY factors. Only you can decide how much is too much. I have around 180k. I also had a wife and four kids to support during school. For ME it is worth it. I'll be paying for my education until re...
  2. GRE Help

    Well, first, and obviously you need to study the areas you are weak in....verbal versus math. I personally used the website: Number2.com :: Free Online Test Prep It is free to register and free to use. It has a bunch of vocab and bit of math review. ...
  3. Accelerated vs. Traditional BSN - what should i do?

    Excellent point!
  4. Accelerated vs. Traditional BSN - what should i do?

    I will offer my opinion. First let me say, I start my CRNA program in 5 weeks. So I've been through the application/interview process. If anesthesia is on your radar then you need to pay attention to your GPA. Most schools look at total GPA, some loo...
  5. Physical Assessments: Do Any Nurses Do Them

    All I can say is wow! I find it crazy that an RN wouldn't do a complete assessment on every patient, at the beginning of a shift! How do you know if something changes if you haven't done an initial assessment. A short, basic assessment takes maybe,...
  6. DNP vs. CRNA School

    DNP is a Doctor of Nursing Practice. One of several titles still being throw out as possibly being required of all advanced practice nurses soon. Currently there are Master's level CRNA programs and programs that offer a Doctoral degree in Nurse Anes...
  7. Anesthesia Websites

    www.o2demand.com completely free, nonprofit, website with great videos etc.. it's actually run by an anesthesia resident (I think), but still great information on pharmacology, physiology, etc..
  8. Tell or DON'T tell colleagues/staff that you are pursuing CRNA?

    I agree with most of what has been posted. Work hard, learn critical care, be part of the team, etc.... However, For me it was a no brainer, I had to tell them my intentions during the interview. My integrity was at stake. I feel that as nurses we mu...
  9. ADN to NP- Does it require a BSN first?

    It really depends on the school and your location. I know in my area there are RN-MSN programs that don't require earning a BSN first or taking separate classes. There are also programs that do. The best thing you can do is research programs that are...
  10. Instructor asked if I can keep up during the test!

    I completely agree, no running to higher ups, tiny little issues like this can be addressed directly with little effort.
  11. Instructor asked if I can keep up during the test!

    I agree, just let the instructor know you are using your time because you have it. I agree, we have to learn to resolve conflict without escalating the situation. I agree with Kevin, we all need to be able to address situations that are inappropria...
  12. Anyone heard of Diastolic BP being higher than Systolic???

    A very nice analogy.
  13. Anyone heard of Diastolic BP being higher than Systolic???

    Just my own thoughts here... in order for the Aortic valve to open, the heart must pump. The heart must pump hard enough to overcome the systemic resistance aka afterload...aka diastolic blood pressure. As the ventricles pump, pressure increases with...
  14. GRE exam

    Yes, all parts of the GRE are timed. The following info is summarised from: http://www.computerbasedtest.com/gre_general.html GRE CBT Time and Questions The duration of the test is approximately three and one-half to four hours. Tutorials .............
  15. Intramuscular injections- drawing back

    Thanks freedom, I for one was using the terms interchangeably. So from my newly corrected perspective, here is my practice: I never use the air bubble, I use Z-track if I'm worried about medication leaking through needle track and irritating subcutan...