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Hey guys, Just wondering what you all perceive to the average age of SRNA at your schools. I'm 27 and started in the ICU 3 months ago, so prob won't be in school for CRNA until i'm 30? If i get in :)... Read More

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    Yes, I was fortunate enough to land a job in a high acuity ICU right after graduation. I basically knew that I wanted to be a CRNA straight out of high school, so that helped me not waste any time, and helped me focus my efforts. Not that any time spent practicing nursing is a waste by any means. I worked for 2.5 years with some of the sickest patients in my area, and very little support in the way of new technology or adequate staffing.. So I think it toughened me up pretty well and gave me the clinical knowledge that I need.
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    People in my program range from 23-42, most people fall in the 26-32 range but I have no idea the class average. I'm 28 and sometimes I feel like I'm one of the oldest ....
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    I'm the youngest in my class. I'm 25 and I graduate September 2013 at an advanced age of 27.haha
    Graduated from college at 21 and worked in a medical ICU for 4 years before CRNA school.
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    I will be starting school in August 2012 at the age of 27, and finish right before my 30th birthday. At least I will still be 29 when I graduate!
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    I start school August 2012 and I am 42.
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    im 26 but there is a 24 yr old in my program
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    My program ranges from 24-48 years old. I started at age 32. Average age in my program is probably upper 20s.
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    It's encouraging to hear of younger people in crna programs. I'm 23 now and have two more months until I can transfer to our icu (I work at a level one trauma hospital). Every time I mention my goals all my coworkers say I'm too young and I should work for a few more years before I consider applying.... so now I keep my mouth shut lol.
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    I am 26 and will be studying for an accelerated BSN starting in May, and I am interested in becoming a CRNA. Is it wise to go straight into the ICU after graduation or would it be better to work on a floor first?
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    I am 22 and already accepted to school. Will be 23 when classes start in August