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  1. duluthrn

    may you help me

    CABGx4, that is a pretty rude response. To the OP: there are many discussions on here about the requirements for CRNA school. Maybe start by reading them, researching on Google, and posting again with a more specific question.
  2. duluthrn

    plz reply!! About the G.R.E. test and CRNA program in Georgia

    It might help your GPA if you improved your spelling. I recognize this is a forum and not a classroom, but getting into a good habit of spelling things correctly will help you in school. (Yes, it has a ch not a k).
  3. duluthrn

    anyone worried about where first job will be?

    I have the same thoughts and fears as the OP. Ideally, I would like to stay in the area for a couple years after school is done (put down roots, get some intense Level 1 Trauma Center experience, etc) before moving to a rural practice. However, there is not a plethora of CRNA jobs right now. While I was shadowing, I was told many students are "absorbed" by hospitals during their rotations and have jobs lined up before school is finished. Current students and recent grads, please chime and share your experiences. Do many students have job offers before school is finished? Are they in the areas you wanted? Thanks for starting this post missnurse01!
  4. duluthrn

    Not Including all Transcripts on CRNA Application

    I agree with the above posters, honesty is the best policy. You will hurt yourself more by not sending in all the required transcripts. On the up side, some schools will allow you to submit an addition statement if there are any extenuating circumstances you want the admissions committee to know about. Also remember, you will have a chance to explain yourself in an interview. Good luck!
  5. duluthrn

    When to apply?

    Since the application process is long (application deadlines can be 9-12 months before the start of classes) I chose to apply with a little over 1 yr of ICU experience. I will start the program this Fall with 2 yrs ICU under my belt (for a total of 5 yrs RN). Some schools require 1 yr of ICU experience before applying and some require it before you can start the program. Then there are the schools that require 2 yrs experience. When you should apply depends on program requirements, just keep in mind the application process takes time.
  6. duluthrn

    paying for CRNA school

    premaseeker-Do you have any more information on the job market in the Twin Cities? I have been accepted to MSA, start in August, and I'm hoping to be able to work in the area for a couple years after graduation. Are students getting job offers from clinical sites? Are graduates who want to stay in the area able to?
  7. duluthrn

    Why Not Perioperative Experience?

    Since you don't (and I'm assuming have never) worked in an ICU, it's going to be hard for you to compare your OR experience to what it's like in the ICU. Just because you know the tools does not mean you know how to use them on patients. There is a big difference between setting up a Swan and actually using it to interpret a patient's hemodynamic status and knowing how to intervene appropriately. The best way to answer your question would be to shadow in an ICU (or preferably work in one) and see what it's like or call a couple CRNA schools and ask them how they define acute care experience.
  8. duluthrn

    First job out of CRNA school

    Maybe you would get some responses if you moved this post to the CRNA or SRNA forum. However, I'm not sure how to do that.
  9. duluthrn

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    To the OP: I hope you have learned an important lesson, do a little digging before blinding posting questions. Five minutes of searching "CRNA" on google and you would have found that the minimum ICU experience (not just RN experience) is 1 year. Some posters have been a little harsh, and I hope you have not been too discouraged, but next time try researching the topic first.
  10. duluthrn

    CRNA Applicant - help? Do I have a chance?

    I was accepted to a program with a BSN GPA: 3.45 and a science GPA: 3.82. Now, I took upper level undergrad science classes after my BSN, so the GPA of my last 60 credits showed improvement. If you don't get in on the first try, or have time this summer or fall, you could take a generic graduate level nursing class to show you can handle that class level. Also, CCRN will give you an edge. There are some little things that can strengthen your resume too, like join a practice committee at work, teach ACLS, or precept new employees and students. Best of luck!
  11. duluthrn

    CRNA becoming Doctorate (need better understanding)

    In addition, not all schools will have switched to a doctorate level program by 2015. Schools that are not associated with a school of nursing have until 2025 to switch.
  12. duluthrn

    Help I think the charge nurse wants me out

    OP, have things gotten better? You began this thread a month ago, have you taken any advice given on the topic and how did it work? Hope things are better.
  13. duluthrn

    This really makes me angry!!!!

    If you are truly unable to let it go, I think an option is to call the school and let them know students are stealing tests, so that it can be prevented in the future. But I agree that there is nothing that can be done to the students from your class.
  14. duluthrn

    Most important undergrad classes for admission

    I was just accepted to a CRNA program, my BSN GPA: 3.45, science GPA: 3.82, and the program didn't require the GRE. When I interviewed, they mentioned that they liked I had taken upper level classes in chemistry and biology, specifically biochemistry. Please remember though, there are a lot of other factors besides GPA to be considered for admission, like ICU experience, GRE, CCRN, etc.
  15. duluthrn

    icu experience

    I agree with SAMISA09, it's best to check with the program you are interested in applying. Some schools won't accept your application if all the requirements are not met prior to the application deadline, and others will accept you into the program if the requirements can be completed before school starts. It really depends on the school, I've seen it go both ways. Hope this helps and good luck.