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CVICU / Open heart recovery
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kuhRN has 2 years experience and specializes in CVICU / Open heart recovery.

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  1. kuhRN

    Moving cross-country for CRNA school.

    My advice, having recently moved cross country. Price how much it will cost you to move and then value your stuff and decide how much it will cost you to replace it. We were lucky because my husbands job paid for our move BUT we kept a storage unit with stuff that wouldn't fit into our small apartment. After paying for the storage unit for a year we went back to move what was left and realized that, with the amount we were paying for the storage unit, we probably could have replaced almost everything in there. Just something to ponder on.
  2. kuhRN

    Front-loaded vs. Integrated--PROS and CONS

    I am in a front loaded program. When I was looking at schools I really felt this was the better option. I liked the idea of having most of the "textbook stuff" out of the way. Honestly, now, I wish our program was at least integrated some. Getting ready to start clinical next month and there are so many things that I don't know and I feel like had I been in the OR from the start I would be more prepared. Most of the stuff is pretty simple (think starting in ICU and trying to decide when to titrate your drips) and I think it will be no problem once I actually start doing it. But, having only done classroom anesthesia up until this point I am really stressed about it.
  3. Don't forget about getting your CCRN. Also, take a graduate level stats course, admission committees like that. And get involved with a research project if you can.
  4. kuhRN

    Is ADN worth the wait?

    I think that depends very heavily upon where you live. When I graduated from nursing school most people had ADN degrees, that was the norm in the area, so no one had difficulty getting a job. Now, I live in the LA area and most hospitals won't even consider a new grad nurse unless they have a BSN. I suggest checking out the job market in your area. Maybe call the nurse recruiter at a nearby hospital and ask how likely they are to hire a new grad ADN. And yes it is possible to work. It isn't always easy but it is doable! I did it.
  5. kuhRN

    A Blessing and Maybe A Curse

    I am in a similar situation. I decided to get a PRN job so I only work one day a week. This way, I keep up with my skills, I get to get out of the house a bit, and we have a little extra money to do all the fun stuff in our new area.
  6. kuhRN

    Loma Linda Interview - Starting Fall 2012

    Congratulations on getting accepted! I will also be attending LLU in the fall, I am sure we will all get to know each other very well in the next several months.
  7. kuhRN

    I'm in at case western 2010!!! Anyone else??

    I am 21 years old (will be 22 when program starts) and will have like 18 months of experience in a 34 bed ICU (we take surgery, medical, neuro patients). My GPA is a 3.4 and my GRE combined is 1000. I am also involved in a pretty big research project in my area that is grant funded by the CDC. My biggest concern is my GRE score. Should I take it again?
  8. kuhRN

    I'm in at case western 2010!!! Anyone else??

    I am applying to Case Western for Fall 2011, just wondering if anyone would feel comfortable sharing their age, GPA, GRE score and years/location of experience. Thanks!