Who else is a parent and soon to be or currently a NP student?

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    I am starting my FNP (masters route) in September and am the mother to a wonderful 1 year old little boy.

    Any other parents on here that can give some advice on how to balance the two as much as possible?

    I am starting now, and since I already did the MSN education track at the same school only have about a year and change left to complete it. I thought that while my little guy was still pretty little, I would rather do it now than when he is getting older and wanting to go do more stuff.

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    I have a two year old and just began as well (second and third classes now). I have to leave the house to read or study most of the time so that is tough. It gives him more time with dad though! I keep telling myself it is easier now with him being 2 than 6 with little sister or brother! Or having them in school/sports and missing out on those things.
    I am only taking 1-2 classes at a time so its not terrible but he certainly does not get as much mommy time. The time I do have I am trying to make better, less errand running/cleaning. Dad has had to pick up the slack. I guess being as organized as possible so you know whats coming next and what kind of time you have to give!
    Good luck, your child will be proud of you someday!!
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    Hi PugRn - I too am starting my FNP in the fall. I am the mother of 8 year old twin boys. I completed the end of my ADN program with 2 teething infants and went back fro my BSN a few years later while working full-time and being a mother. I managed to graduate both programs with honors as well. It is not always easy to balance, however, the pay off at the end is definitely worth it. In addition, I have looked at it as a tool to teach my boys the importance of education. When they were younger I found that my best times to study were when they were in bed. Nowadays they are a little busier but they are also more understanding of what I am doing and why. I am alos fortunate to have a a strong support system which I can depend on when things seem overwhleming. Keep up the great work PugRN. With focus, drive, dedication, and organization you can accomplish your goals and perhaps even pick up a few more goals for your list along the way. Also... I have found it helpful to plan different routes to accomplish goals... i.e. expected the unexpected and have an alternate plan for how to accomplish assignments.
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    Mine are 15, 11, and 9 year old twins. I study everywhere and anywhere. I do not miss any sporting events I schedule around them. If I do have to miss then a grandparent or Dad goes. I love my children more than anything and they are only children one time. I make sure I am at everything of importance ie dance recitals and games. If it is practice or rehearsal then I study while I wait and that is ok with them.
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    I am in a PNP program and have 7 children. It is tough because I have a long commute to school and my clinical sites are also far. This summer is the hardest yet as I do 1-2 10-hour shifts in the peds ER and it takes 1.5 hours to get there (by train). We also have class 2x/week and one class ends at 8 pm. I just keep reminding myself to take one step at a time, this is temporary and before you know it the program will be done.

    I wish I could say I never missed any of my children's events but sometimes you have to prioritize. I missed class one week for my daughter's birthday party in school (moms always come) but the next week was her pre-school grad and I had to miss that. It was one or the other.

    Studying is not an issue with me. I study on the train, usually, and also I review after every class -- no cramming at the last minute. I use the calendar on my phone to keep track of due dates for all assignments/tests and get to work on things EARLY. That's how I've gotten through school thus far. Only 6 months to go!!!
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    Thanks for the motivation you guys! I'm new to the board and am about to start an ADN program soon. I'm a mother of 3- 13,6, and 10mos and my husband is currently deployed. I left my govt career after 11 yrs to start new and pursue nursing and my goal is to be a NP. I thank God that I can go full time and dont have to work but sometimes I juggle with guilt of not being a "good enough" mother and wife. Your stories give me hope and help put things back in perspective. Thanks again!
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    It is definitely good to here from other parents that it can be done, and that your little ones aren't fazed to much by it! It makes things seem much more doable.
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    PugRN ... are you doing Walden's program? That is one of the programs I am looking at starting ... have a few options and would love to hear about it.
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    Tadahh99, yes I am. I did my masters work there and overall it's a pretty great school.

    I'm willing to give them a try for FNP. Just remember that this is their inaugeral (sp?) class for nurse practitioners, so they may have some bugs to work out, but they have been good at that so far. The big thing to remember is they do require you to find your own clinical sites, but it seems like most schools are like that.

    There are also a few states that don't accept the program yet. But personally, I love Walden and think I have gotten a quality education there so far. It does take a great deal of self discipline to follow through with your classwork, but if you have already done nursing school, that shouldn't be a problem.

    It will be interesting to see what format they go by with the FNP program, because I think the discussion concept is good, but not sure how well it would work for FNP or Adult/Geri NP.
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    I have 5 children and just starting a PNP program this coming fall. The big thing is that my kids had some medical needs.

    I have 1 with Cerebral Palsy and Ehlers Danlos. She is tube fed and in PT. I have 1 that has Ehlers Danlos. He recently started tube feedings and currently very low BMI. I have another with Ehlers Danlos, Aspergers, ADHD and mood disorder-NOS. I have a breastfeeding toddler with likely Ehlers Danlos who is in ST right now. I also have an older daughter who does not have any real medical issues...she has some emotional issues from being abandoned by her biological father. I thankfully have a very supportive and wonderful husband.

    So we have a lot of doctor appointments and stuff. This will be a rough 3 years but doable. Oh and my husband is going to nursing school starting this fall and working FT. I will be working PT. I work 2 12 hour night shifts.

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