Who else is a parent and soon to be or currently a NP student?

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I am starting my FNP (masters route) in September and am the mother to a wonderful 1 year old little boy.

Any other parents on here that can give some advice on how to balance the two as much as possible?

I am starting now, and since I already did the MSN education track at the same school only have about a year and change left to complete it. I thought that while my little guy was still pretty little, I would rather do it now than when he is getting older and wanting to go do more stuff.

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I just started FNP full time, and have 2 boys, ages 5 and 7. So far I've only done one 6-week semester, which was very intense. I only worked one shift the whole 6 weeks (I'm per diem - they told me I had to work at least twice but I ended up canceling that second shift) and I was still plenty busy. I have a lot of support from my mom and mother in law. My husband was basically 100% full time parent for all the weekends, and 100% in charge of bedtime most of the weeknights. Of course, the normal semesters will not be as extreme. Frankly, since I am full time, I am probably going to quit my job. I feel like doing both would mean never being able to pick up the kids and keep an eye on their homework

My advice would be to set up a lot of support for yourself. For me personally, the "study anywhere" thing mentioned above wouldn't work well. Though actually with a 1 year old it could work during nap time. But generally what I needed to do was get *away* to the library and be totally focused. If you set up designated time that's all yours for studying, then when you're with the baby you can really focus on the baby.

By the way, my very first day of classes was the day of my kindergartener's class opera. Man did I cry about that. The teacher was really sweet about it and let me come to another performance on a different day (albeit without the costumes or scenery), and I was able to get all his grandparents there too.

i will start my FNP program in august and i have a newborn ( hes only one month at this time) and a 5 year old.i know it will be a huge challenge but i rather complete it now while i have the oppourtunity.i have a very supportive family and i will get through this program if it kills me....or at least drive me crazy.

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I am going to be doing this with three, (4 y/o and 3y/o twins) I want to do this now, so I am not "competing" with homework. I want to be there with my kids through their school. I have a FT job (40hours) and per diem as well. I am not sure how it will all work out, but I know it will.

Good luck to us!!

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