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  1. Coming from a pediatric med/surg/icu setting I was wondering if these people were the trauma junkies of the psych world.
  2. Going green/hands on is the term they use at my facility for all hands on deck for a possible physical intervention.
  3. I'm a seasoned nurse of 20 plus years but brand new to mental health nursing. Here is something I've heard several folks say that confuses me. "I love going green/hands on." Now I'm new to this, but possibly missing something. I could see where pride in a therapeutic hands on would be beneficial, but enjoying them and jumping at the chance to run throufhout the hospitsl to each and every one seems counterintuitive to me. Could some of you folks who have been around psych a bit longer please explain for me? I haven't had to go hands on at all yet but I know it will happen and want to know what may be going through the mind of my team.
  4. Pug RN

    A Whole New World

    I just started orientstion for my very first psych nurse job after 23 years in pediatrics. I haven't even hit the hall yet and can already tell what a big difference it is. I almost feel like a new grad again. The training team has an average of 20-40 years in psych and the stories they tell! Plus all the mental health alphabet soup is something i will definitely need to learn quickly. It amazes me thst you even have to be so much different in your awareness in your surroundings. You can see it how these veteran nurses and techs hold themselves. But on the other hand, they are also the funniest, most kind, empathetic people you could run into, with a strong line of don't BS me running through their veins. And I think what really made me realize I was in a new world was that in 2 days I heard three all hands on deck, one being all males please respond Code Greens and was told about the occasional 4:1 which really throws off staffing. So, my hats off to those of you that have been on this ride for years, and looking forward to being a member of the group.
  5. I did 12's while in pediatrics/medical nursing. No choice. I just started my first psych job, and it is 8 hour shifts, no options.
  6. Pug RN

    Officially got the job!

    I'm excited? After 23 years of pediatric/picu/nicu, I finally chased my original dream and got it. I've been offered the dayshift charge poaition on the Child/Adolescent Eating Disorders unit at a very nice local psych hospital. What tips can you guys give me?
  7. Pug RN

    This seems like alot

    I am currently actively trying to shift from pediatric to psychiatric nursing. Over the past several years, I have noted a drastic increase in those that are presenting with not just their medical diagnosis, but with mental health comorbidities as well, along with a family that has significant issues as well. I feel like it is where I need to be. Anyway, I just got off the phone with the recruiter from our local psychiatric hospital where I put in an application. They are offering $39-40 to start with a $3 evening and $4 night differential for someone with my experience (23 years as peds/none as psych). This seems like a really high salary. Not that I would complain if I received an offer. Am I right, or is this about right? I live just outside Baltimore.
  8. Pug RN

    Is psychiatric nursing a dying profession?

    I can tell you the local psychiatric facility here has 47 openings for nurses.
  9. Just out of curiosity for someone working on transitioning into psych nursing. Why do most psych jobs seem to be 8 hour rather than 12 hour shifts? Personally I like 8's so no big deal, but curious about this when most "medical" slots seem to be 12 hour?
  10. Exactly! HCAP has made it that nurses can't even do necessary things because they may offend someone.
  11. Pug RN

    CPN vs. Board Certification

    I have my CPN. It has been very helpful for me.
  12. I have been a pediatric and NICU nurse for 24 years and over the past several years have worked with an increasing number of kids and families with significant addiction and other mental health comorbities. I have really felt drawn to these populations of late. Do you think it would be possible after all these years to transition to psych nursing successfully?
  13. Pug RN

    giving morphine to neonate without CR monitoring

    All our NAS babies are monitored until they are at a very low dose of diluted morphine and are off any clonidine or phenobarbital they may have needed. Maybe suggest setting up some monitored rooms so that the babies can still be with mommy but can be monitored as well, or establish a very well documented policy on which NAS babies are OK to room in.
  14. Pug RN

    Rural nursing in Maine

    I have spent 23 years working in larger hospitals. However, when I did agency I would spend the occasional shift working in a 20ish bed rural hospital in Colorado. I keep going back to how nice that hospital was and how I loved that rural environment. Anyway, if I can convince my hubby, I would love to relocate to Maine (maybe Vermont) and serve the rural community. Does anyone here work in Maine? Pros and cons? What towns are nice?
  15. Pug RN

    Moving to Oklahoma (Tulsa area)

    Hi everyone! My husband and I are moving to the Tulsa area in the next couple of months. I am currently in my Family Nurse Practitioner program and will be starting clinicals this fall. I am trying to find some preceptors (1 for Adult, 1 for Womens, 1 for Pedi) could also be an urgent care after the first semester. Would anyone be able to steer me in the right direction or be willing to talk about being a preceptor? I'm willing to drive a couple hours away if need be. Amy F., RN and