What NP programs include clinical placements?

  1. hello everyone,

    i have been reading this forum for a few years and love it! this is my first post. i am a new rn currently working on her bsn. i'm lucky to have found a pt job, so i'm getting nursing experience while i'm in school. i would love to become an fnp. i'm a little concerned about the 2015 dnp possibility, so i'd like to get into an np program soon after i graduate next year.

    because i don't have a lot of resources, i am interested in a program in the nj/pa area that sets it's students up with clinical sites. i have seen many posts from people that are having a hard time finding their own preceptors. the area school websites are often vague about how clinicals are set up. emails have also gotten me unclear responses. does anyone know of a school that definitely provides preceptors? perhaps jefferson, umdnj, or rutgers? any good experiences?

    thanks for your help!
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  3. by   aet111
    I would also love to know the answer to this concern - esp for online programs. Does anyone know of online programs that STRONGLY help students secure clincails in their geographic location?
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  5. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    I would encourage you to ask schools this question directly. At most schools, it is the faculty coordinator of the programs who set up the clinical assignments (so the folks in the admissions office might now know the details). It is rare for online schools to have a set list of guaranteed placements with preceptor supervisors in all areas of the country.

    In my own program, we have 22 guaranteed clinical sites per year with negotiated clinical contracts in our primary care NP program. That is why we only enroll that number of students each year. Our faculty feel that it puts a student in an unequal position to locate and negotiate their own clinical placement.

    One drawback to this is that admissions to our primary care NP program is competitive because we only have those 22 spaces per year.
  6. by   myelin
    Penn is fantastic and sets up your placements.
  7. by   CCRNDiva
    Loyola University Chicago provides clinical placements but it is not an online program. Many of the classes are online but I average one night/wk on campus. Placements are set in the Chicagoland area.
  8. by   lbpharm
    Hi, I am in school for FNP and they do not do clinical placement. I am looking to transfer to Loyola. i would like to pick your brain for information but I am not familiar with PM-ing through this site. Please email me at lbpharm at yahoo dot com.
  9. by   phillycpnp-pc
    Villanova finds clinical placements as well