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Hello all, I have started Walden University in the FNP program. I could not find many consumer reviews regarding their student satisfaction. Only that they have a 29% retention rate? Are there any... Read More

  1. by   jmunsg2010
    For those that started in sept, what are your current reviews about the program so far? I am thinking about applying
  2. by   Mommy2be
    Your information is incorrect. Walden actually has like an 80% retention rate. It is a very recognized and well known school, especially for the PhD in education. The NP program is new, just started in September. I start Dec 3rd. I have friends in it right now, they are happy. It is CCNE accredited and also regionally accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  3. by   cocojonesRNTNS
    I have applied and hope to start in March.
  4. by   xfitrn
    I have been in this program since Sept. 2012. So far so good. I like the pace of classes: one class every 6 weeks for 2 classes per semester. I already have a few people who have agreed to precept me when the time comes. My husband is one that moves around with his job so I needed a program that would move with me. The school itself has been very responsive. I did ask about what would happen if we moved to a state that did not recognize Walden, and the short answer was I would probably stick behind in the state it was recognized in, take my boards, get my license then move my license. That is my plan if that should come up for us.
  5. by   mtsteelhorse
    Anybody know if you can take core courses without being a degree seeking student? I'd like to take Adv Path and Adv Pharm.
  6. by   ljarmon01
    I just had an issue with taking individual courses, it is not possible to take stand-alone classes such as adv path you can check with University of New England (expensive), pharm you cannot take anywhere. I have checked around! I am accepted into Walden to start in March - currently enrolled with Grand Canyon University. The only reason why I wanted to switch is being mobile. GCU you have to attend weekly classes.

    For those already in the program - how is it going? Any advise?
  7. by   PatMac10,RN
    Where are some of th current students doing some of your clinical rotations when it's time to start them?
  8. by   Mark Hill BSN
    Actually, the retention rate for Walden is around 80%, I am not sure where some of these statistics are comming from. I will start clinicals for the FNP program in June of this year. I am finishing my second quarter in two weeks. My words of advice would be, don't beleive things your hear fromm people who havent or are not attending Walden. Walden is a highly reputable school and has a very good reputation in the medical comnunity. The program is very comprehensive and demanding, and all of the insturctors are doctorially prepared, most from highly rated traditional universities. Do your research, and find the program that fits your life. One very imprtant thing to remember, it may be relatively easy to get accepted to Walden, but it is very hard to stay in the program. dont underestimate this school.
  9. by   mtsteelhorse
    Thanks Mark. Your comments speak volumes. People are quick to judge that which they know nothing about. I have heard great things about the program. Good luck to you!
  10. by   Nishacat03
    The stats could be from different places for me when I applied to Fafsa that's also what they showed the statistic rate to be for walden . Besides the fact great word of mouth for this program I'm starting in June
  11. by   GGMISSTX
    I have applied to Walden and looks like I will be starting in June if all goes as planned. I was going to start in March but changed my mind on start dates.. I hope I am making the right choice. I have spend hours trying to figure out which program will be best for me and my family..
  12. by   4jen
    I was in their MSN management degree a couple of years ago. I transferred to Graceland for my FNP becuase Walden did not have a FNP at the time. I had a great experience there and would have stayed if possible. Maybe the statistics you are seeing are because it is a new program??
  13. by   bbannister
    I started the FNP at Walden in September 2012 and all is great. Very demanding and the program encourages interaction and comprehension of course material. I am now looking for a preceptor for september 2013. I would like to get my preceptor application in by april 1st. I am in Georgia. Anyone with any insight about this would be helpful. right now I am looking on eNP for preceptors and asking around.