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by ShannonRN09

I have done a few searches, but haven't found many responses (or at least newer) re: St. Joseph's nurse practitioner program. I'm considering it because it seems flexible, reasonable, and like a good opportunity from what I can... Read More

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    Hello LJames 13 , I have not registered yet , I am assuming school will let us know re books...
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    Hello classmates....

    I received the good news last PM in my mailbox
    re accepted to St. Josephs College of Maine! just was overjoyed, waiting every day of last week for some reading all the posts here, hope we can continue to talk with one another and assist each other
    in a successful journey. Re what class to take first, I do not know
    as of yet and would like to take 2 classes. My adviser will
    be in touch soon enough. The student who shared the 1st clinicals at the college
    were bumpy, I am curious to know what did that mean? I am staying in Daytona Beach, anyone close by attending the college?
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    Hey everyone... just wanted to let you all know that I started a new thread named: "St. Joseph's College of Maine FNP students" so that we could communicate a bit closer about the program itself. It is for current and new students to try to share any info/advice about the program.

    Once we get started we can probably communicate via email or here about courses, etc in the program.

    Check it out if you like!

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    Good, I'm looking for the thread.....!
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    I'm putting together my application essay for St Joes. It feels like the guidelines are a bit vague to me. Anyone have any helpful guidance to offer? I'd also be interested in the latest feedback from current students. I'm on W. Central NH (Lebanon area). Looking forward to keeping up with this.
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    Oh...and how do I find that new thread mentioned by LJames13? I'm new to this site
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    Anyone planning on starting clinicals this spring? To wildmtns4me u can find the other St joe post by going to the search box at the top searching for St Joseph. Both should come up.
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    I should *hopefully* be starting them in August or September. I'm trying to push through the core classes now. I'm staggering my classes where I start a new one every month and finish each in 6-8 weeks. I'm ready to be done with all of these core classes. I think they should throw us an FNP course here and there to keep it interesting while doing the core
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    Quote from canchaser
    Anyone planning on starting clinicals this spring?
    Thinking about it. Are you starting in the spring?
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    Yes, we just found out that they are planning on starting clinicals monthly starting in Feb. I am planning on trying for Feb. 29 to start.