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So did anyone or is anyone currently in the FNP or Adult NP online program at this time? I spoke to an admissions rep and was really impressed. The set up is nice with one course at a time, although was told you can talk to... Read More

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    How are you? I am new to allnurses (literally signed up today). I read you attend South University, as do I. I just was wondering if you can reassure me that this program is worth it. Im starting clinicals in March 2015. Of course I have had a tough time finding a preceptor because they give priority to UCF. I also know someone that just graduated that failed her boards, so Im a bit nervous. Im not sure if you can private message me so we can chat some more. Thanks so much!
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    Hi! lhflanurse I left you a comment (thought I was replying) but I guess I didn't complete it correctly. It is on the last page of this forum. Just wanted some insight about school as you are almost done, and Im about to start clinicals. Thanks
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    digazz711, you have managed to catch me at home "sick as a dog", so I dropped in to AN to see what was up. Yes, I am in the final throws...December 10!!!! The clinical courses, as with other schools, are a combination of classroom and clinical. Your classroom will provide weekly readings, assignments, and you will have DF participation and papers. You need to complete 180 PATIENT hours per clinical (except H&P). This can be tricky when first starting out as you will spend more time with your patient and preceptor, but as you grow more confident in your skills, and your preceptor does too, you will be able to see more patients in a day. You will be required to use Typhon to record you patient encounters as well as submit one patient's complete SOAP per week for credit. I moved from the FNP to ANP program for the only reason that I do not want to do children and NOTHING more (I already had a great peds practicum site ready to go). The 2 hardest rotations to work in are Women's Health and Pediatrics, so get a good firm commitment early and turn in the paperwork ahead of time. Many of the students I know did Women's Health in OB/GYN practices, I did mine in a family practice clinic with the female practitioners who did mostly women to do pelvics and paps, see vaginal infections, follow-up on high-risk pregnancy patients for weight or BP, etc. I did not really have any problems doing any of my assignments this way. Remember, it is Women's Health, not OB...many nurses confuse this with basic undergrad nursing. If it is hard to find a clinical site, the health department is a great place to look at (mine happened to lose their NP - retired - and were using temps, so that would not work out for me). In my area, most of the OB/GYNs are into weight loss and aesthetics, so I would not have been able to get my hours either. All things you need to consider. You will have mid-terms and finals as well as site evaluations during these final classes. The final term will include your Primary Care and Capstone classes. Capstone is just another glorified research project. You will also need to participate in a board review prep class and take a board review exam and pass to complete the course (provided by the is actually VERY good). They will also have you get the Leik review book...another GREAT resource.
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    Oh no I hope you feel better! I am actually sick as well at home, waiting for my Nursing Research professor to call, so we can discuss this weeks assignment thats kicking my butt :/ Thanks so much for all this insight. I have Pharm and then I start clinicals. I totally understand your decision about working with children. It isn't my thing either, but I figured I would be more marketable as a FNP?? No?? I def have to find more clinical sites, it was a mission to find my first one. Then she emails me saying she has another student as well BummER! Like I said prior they commit to UCF students, so I will def look into the health department. Im glad this has worked out for you, and BTW Congrats!!! Im still trucking although I had some reservations since hearing a colleague failed her boards. If you have any more advise, Im all ears! Thanks so much and I hope you feel better!
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    I have a question for those who are going to South. How many weeks is the classes? My admissions counselor said it takes 110 weeks for the FNP. This puts the assessment course 5.5 weeks. What experience did yall have
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    My beginning courses were 5.5 weeks. The harder courses like research and pharm are 11 weeks. One class at a time it that is what you choose. You are more than welcome to take more than one by staggering or just taking them at the same time. Hth!
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    Was the advanced assessment 5.5 weeks as well?
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    Health & physical assessment is 11 weeks with 60 hours of clinicals. Is this the course you're referring to?