smartphone for school

  1. 0 What you do current nursing students recommend for a smart phone for school/clinicals?
    Is an iphone necessary or is any other smart phone like the samsung focus flash (uses windows) or infuse or impulse or any other android phone ok? Recommendations welcome!
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    Huh, didn't realize we would need anything. I did just notice the NP I was seeing last week was looking up Walmart's $4 Rx list on her smartphone, so I guess it makes sense.

    I actually just upgraded this morning to an iPhone 4S, so hopefully when I get it I can find some cool nursing apps for it. Hopefully for free
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    Theoretically, you do not need one; just use one of your reference books. If you do want to have a smart phone, any one is fine; it does not have to be iphone. I mostly use my reference book and occasionally use the free version of epocrates.
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    I'm not a student but do use an iphone daily.
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    I'm no longer a student..just passed the ANCC cert, but I saw many of the NPs I worked with using apps for patient management. Epocrates is a good one I've been told, and Medscape has some nice reference info on their site..both can be free of charge. I personally did not use a smartphone. I used pocket references for clinicals, and my reference books from home. I also like the Clincial Guidelines in Family Practice by Constance Uphold and Mary V. Graham. I believe there is a new version out this year reflective of new primary care guidelines.
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    In clinicals, I use my smartphone alot. It happens to be an Htc Evo, but the brand doesn't really matter as far as the medical apps go, except for the full line of Epocrate, which has more for the iPhone than Android. I use Skyscape stuff and a few others, and really like them. My preceptor doc uses an iPhone too. Of course, I still refer to books alot too.
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    I bought an I phone. It is easy to use and I enjoy the apps. I have used several during my clinicals. Five minute consult is my favorite
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    I have an ipod touch - up front cost but no monthly fees, and I can access wifi at the clinic / hospital (home, out and about, etc) - you can download all the same apps, too. I personally couldn't stomach the fees (I pay 30/month now for my cell and use it so infrequently that I couldn't justify it).
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    I use my Droid 2 quite a bit, but really any smart phone will have access to apps like Medscape and Epocrates. I used an ITouch throughout nursing school since the school policy forbade phones on the floor (even though most people had them) Whatever you get will work.
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    I use my Droid all the time in practice and did, also, when a student. I like MedScape and Epocrates. The Walmart $4 list can be pretty helpful, too.

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