Are online ANP degrees destroying our credibility? - page 33

I was talking to a private practice doctor about an opening in his practice. Currently, I am employed by the hospital. He told me that they will only consider PA's due to having more of a hard science based training and longer... Read More

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    Doesn't passing the NCLEX earn you some degree of respect/credibility in the field regardless of where you obtained your degree?

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    You know, this is very, very scary and disheartening given the very crisis our country is facing with primary care providers. How can managers throw away resumes of NP graduates when they are in high demand??? From what I am reading, NPs remain in high demand and we are still lacking in sufficient numbers to meet the growing need of patients who lack primary care professionals. Who si saying that we are too high in number and are no longer needed???? Where is this coming from???
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    Online programs are very, challenging and difficult to say the least. I feel that some of them are really in it for the money unfortunately because they know how convenient it is for adult learners. When they can get it right, then it is indeed the gold standard I truly believe. But brick and mortar institutions for NPs know that we are there physically and hold them responsible for our learning and we can see them funny stuff. My experience with Maryville University is negative. The instuctors are constantly condescending. I have nothing good to say about that place at all...except BAD EXPERIENCE !!!!! Even if it means starting all over again, I may have to go to a brick and mortar university because this is just ludicrous !!!!!!!!! These people/nursing instructors give humanity and the profession of advanced practice nursing a bad name !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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