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  1. How i passed the NCLEX rn exam. 7/25

    Congrats. Now its time to put all that knowledge to use, save lives, earn money and pay off those student loans. God bless.
  2. iPink RN, where did you move to?
  3. July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Wow, it's 6 am! She said she wants to be early for her first nursing course and she wasn't kidding. Her first class starts at 9...tomorrow morning."
  4. July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    After filling out 57 applications to nursing schools, she finally got called for an interview.
  5. Are online ANP degrees destroying our credibility?

    Doesn't passing the NCLEX earn you some degree of respect/credibility in the field regardless of where you obtained your degree?
  6. post your fall class schedule

    Human A&P l A&P of Audiology Fundamentals of Chemistry Language Science
  7. Too many science courses?

    Hi, I need some feedback. I'm taking human A&P, fundamental chemistry, A&P for hearing and audiology, and language science (last two courses needed to complete ASLP certificate). I figured there would be some overlap in the A&P courses ...
  8. Passed AANP yesterday

    Good point ICURN7. Honeykrown, where did you graduate from?
  9. Passed AANP yesterday

    Celebrate...treat yourself to something very special for this is a very special occasion. Congrats.
  10. Passed AANP yesterday

    Celebrate. Treat yourself to something special.
  11. Today's the day!

    Congrats. Let's us know how its going from time to time. I'd like to know what to expect.
  12. Finally IN after 3 tries!!!

    Give yourself a tight squeeze. You did it! Congratulations.
  13. ACCEPTED into my nursing program!

    Perseverance is its own reward. Congratulations.
  14. 57+ and starting a nursing career

    GrnTea, you are certainly right. There's lots to be said about maturity. It gives you a perspective that youngsters can never possess because they haven't had those experiences that only come as one lives life. Perhaps that's why students in accelera...
  15. 57+ and starting a nursing career

    pmabraham, maybe they've never heard of jack lalanne. . "For his 70th birthday, he swam a mile and a half through the Long Beach Harbor while towing a flotilla of 70 boats. With his hands and feet shackled, no less." I have started working out as a m...