How is GPA for entry into a program determined? How is GPA for entry into a program determined? | allnurses

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How is GPA for entry into a program determined?

  1. 0 I will be starting my BSN soon. I am wondering how your GPA for entry into an NP program is determined. Is it an average of every college course you ever took or would it be the classes under my BSN. In other words, a lot of the classes I have from years ago will not go towards my BSN. Will those be included in my admission GPA or just the courses that counted towards the BSN. Thanks
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    I think each school determines this their own way. I've seen some that take your complete cumulative GPA from your very first college course ever, nursing related or not. Some take only your nursing GPA. Some even just take your GPA from the last 60 credits. It's best to ask the admissions office of each school you plan to apply to.
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    Duke looks at the cumulative GPA, including entire post secondary educational record; every course, even if it is 25 years old, lol. So don't screw up.

    Can't speak for anyone else.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    ... So don't screw up.
    lmao BlueDevil. I think most programs do, but Lennonninja is right, you should check each program's admissions information for specific information about how that program calculates the GPA. Personally, all the programs I researched in depth put significant stock in other aspects of your application (essay, references, etc) as well. I don't think it was as much that the exceptional essay made them forget your 2.0 GPA, as much as the not so wonderful essay made them forget your high GPA.
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    The NP program at my school looks at cumulative GPA.
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    We look at cumulative GPA as an absolute cutoff. Once you make the initial cut then your pre-requisite GPA and strength of your undergrad program both play a role.