Fall 2012 NP Applications - page 6

Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona... Read More

  1. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I agree with LRNGIRL. I did this for my essay for UAB. I used quotes from my references to support my ideas of why NPs are needed. You can use journals or articles as your reference.
  2. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I received an email from one of the three schools I applied to. I was accepted into the DNP program at the University of Arizona FNP program. It will be another month before I hear from the other schools.
  3. by   nurseaig
    I got accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical Center MSN-FNP program for fall 2012.
  4. by   jaznia15
    I've been accepted to Georgia college and state university for their part time FNP program
  5. by   laurabs24
    Those accepted, did y'all have interviews? How did they go? Hard...easy...nervewracking? Mine with Missouri is Friday! Eeekkk!
  6. by   jaznia15
    I had interviews, but since this was the first year this school had them and its also my alma mater it wasn't that bad. Unfortunately I felt the style of the interviewing left room for improvement, I went around to three different people at three separate locations within the building and answered the SAME questions. But I got in so I can't complain :-)
  7. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Congrats nurseaig!!!
  8. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Congrats jaznia15. I work with a guy who was accepted into GCSU as well.
  9. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Laurabs24, I did not have to interview at any of the schools I applied to.
  10. by   jaznia15
  11. by   corinej
    Anyone apply for UTHSCSA fall 2012? Have they sent out acceptance letters yet? I no they have for there bsn program.
  12. by   bkennedy
    I applied for the bsn to dnp at usa with the emergency nurse specialty. I really want to get in but do not think I will. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  13. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I applied too, same track. I haven't heard anything yet other than the emails saying they received my applications. I don't have a good feeling about it either. Why do you think you won't get in?