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  1. jaznia15

    Bullying / Hostile Work Environment

    Thanks so much for your replies! Today I went to the GI clinic and met with the medical chief there. He basically offered me a NP position. This would be a lateral move within the company and take me out of the prison completely. He wants to basically have me start in the clinic when I'm cleared to return to work after my medical procedure. I won't lose my base pay or benefits. I'm really considering it. There's also a primary care position in my hometown that I was approached about today as well. Thanks for the encouragement to move on, after reading your replies and consulting with close friends, I've realized that the environment at the prison is definitely toxic.
  2. jaznia15

    Bullying / Hostile Work Environment

    You're correct in more ways than one. I feel my supervisor has had it out for me since I stood my ground about wanting more pay when they added a whole new clinic outside my current specialty to my plate. Right now I'm making more than the advanced practice providers at the prison. It just feels like you get the short end of the stick when you win at negotiating. He made the comment that I was clocking in so the prison could see if they were "getting their money's worth" and that's where I drew the line and quit. Of course it was later rescinded but I made that decision based on the fact that I had 300+ hours of unused sick time and there is a procedure I wanted to have while I'm still under the insurance. I have a meeting this week with an outpatient clinic at the actual hospital, but I feel they would just decrease my pay if I moved laterally so I doubt I'll take it. In the end, I feel this is just a wake up call to get out of the southeast region. The doctors I work alongside are awesome but it's clear the same respect given to doctors is not shown to the APPs. When the prison supervisor came to my office to request I audit charts she stated the medical director was asking this of me. When I inquired why the medical director did not come to ask in person, she told me that she was "busy" as if I was not worthy of the doctor's time. I'd been forewarned previously to document all as the prison administrator was known for lying and this was by someone above her. I agree, this is grade school drama at its finest. My only regret is that I am not vested into their pension plan, which is the best in the state, but I cant wait 5 more years for that to happen!
  3. I've worked at my current job as a FNP for the past 4.5 years. I work in the correctional setting but through a federally funded program. My supervisors are located outside of the prison at the teaching hospital which actually employs me. There is a new administrator at the medical prison who definitely tries to micro manage everything. Unfortunately it's a bad case of nepotism. Someone she was friends with moved up and over to the correctional setting and then promptly moved her up as well despite the fact she had no correctional health experience and she was over a practice not a whole prison hospital. My clinic is funded federally for inmate care, but I am not an employee of the prison system. I work for the infectious disease department at the local teaching hospital but the clinic is located in the prison. I work 10 hour shifts monday through Thursday which is the usual shift for the department of corrections providers in the state. Inmates are not transported on fridays and I see inmates from all over the state. It's never been a problem but of course the prison administrator wanted to change that once she found out. She stated I could help the prison out by "auditing" charts of the inmates who have been hospitalized since I had hospital access. I explained to her that this was very illegal as I had no part of the inmates care plus I'm not even a prison provider so I wouldn't know what policies/protocols they'd have in place. She now has requested I clock in/out despite being an exempt employee. I went to HR but they're saying someone else who is salaried does it so it's not discrimination or harrassment. The administrator over me at the hospital is a good friend of hers as well and is not having my back at all. My supervising physician and the department chief physician do have my back and have even threatened not to send anymore staff out to the prison should I leave. They begged me not to leave so I rescinded my 30 day notice which I placed after an unprofessional altercation by the prison administrator. I started clocking in/out because my administration told me to do it and things would settle down. They haven't!!! The lady actually is sending me the tallies of my clockings. I work in a correctional institution and we have to pass through security points prior to getting to the time clock. I have to be buzzed in through at least 4 gates/doors which takes 15 to 20 mins to get through due to the influx of employees at that time. She sent me an email stating I had "9 hours 37 mins" one day and I just feel shes using this to have a reason to continue legally harassing me. I am salaried and she does not even sign my time or approve my days off. I know her whole reason for requesting I clock is because she wanted to have that small form of control. 50+ employees have left the prison since she started including 3 out of the 4 NPs/PAs they had. I feel she wants me to assist with where the prison is lacking but that's not my problem. My company rents space in the prison but we are not under the prison in any way. I dont get it. I dont feel like I'm going to be fired, I just feel shes using hostile tactics to get me to quit. What do I do?
  4. I see a lot of people who have started taking their NCLEX this month say that there are a ton of SATA questions on the test, is this a new test format that started this month? I know that it was preached in our school that SATA questions were gonna be on the test but the amount of questions seems to have increased just from reading the posts in the thread from people who tested in the last two days. I take my test today @2PM and am mighty nervous.
  5. jaznia15

    Has anyone been getting ATT through email?

    I got mine through email!!!!
  6. jaznia15

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    I take mine June 3rd @ 2PM
  7. jaznia15

    How fast did you find your first job?

    Graduated this month (May) had an offer for a nurse extern graduate position since March started last week. Take nclex June 3rd and as soon as I receive my license # if I pass I'll be immediately promoted to clinical nurse (RN)
  8. jaznia15

    success although bittersweet

    LOL thanks I was nervous about my criminal background but I guess here in Georgia they are just looking for Someone with a pulse but I do think it depends on the hospital's needs. The job I got is on the indigent floor of the hospital and is supposed to be the hardest floor in the hospital with a high turnover rate
  9. jaznia15

    success although bittersweet

    I have a job have been hired since March but just started in May at the second largest hospital in GA as a nurse extern graduate which will go to clinical nurse as soon as my license # posts. I also had an offer from another hospital both ran background and my misdemeanor is only 2 years old ::shrug:: guess it depends on ur state and their nursing shortage. The three ppl hired for the floor I'm working as extern graduates all have criminal history
  10. I'm hearing GA is slow in posting your name especially now with one furlough day per week. I've heard it can take up to 4 weeks after passing the NCLEX. I got my ATT yesterday after applying Saturday so that gives me hope that maybe it'll be quicker than what people are saying. One of my friends graduated in December and it took a month for her class to get their ATTs and about 2 weeks for the license.
  11. jaznia15

    success although bittersweet

    Well I am so excited. I applied to the board of nursing on Saturday for my RN license (fingerprinted the same day) and received my ATT yesterday!!!!! I have a total of three misdemeanors involving the same situation but was only found guilty of one, affray(fighting). I turned in my letter of explanation and court dispostions around the end of April. I was scared that it would be lost but wanted to hand deliver it myself just to know it got there. I called yesterday just to make sure the documents were put with my application file and was told that it would take until the end of the week before I would hear anything. The call was placed at 9am and at 1pm when I checked my email my ATT was in my inbox. I was so surprised and excited and although there's still a chance of a delay even after passing the NCLEX, which I take June 3rd, this is great news for me. I've been reading this section of the site for months and was disheartened after hearing how hard of a time people were getting from their boards of nursing because of things on their background. I live in GA which I've heard is a very strict board especially on those who have a criminal background, I am glad my ATT has not been delayed and see the fast response as a good sign. I will update as soon as I pass the NCLEX on how long it takes to receive my license number. God is GOOD, hang in there anyone worried or discouraged about going through the process of getting a license with a criminal background.
  12. I know everyone is from a different state which means different boards but typically how long did it take to receive your RN license after you passed the NCLEX?
  13. jaznia15

    Just a Question about the BON background checks...

    In the state of GA you have to divulge any arrest whether found guilty or not and turn in the proper court documents. It should be outlined in the Iowa application what constitutes a yes response to the criminal history question. On GA's it specifically states that whether the charges were dismissed, expunged, etc you still have to divulge it. Now you might run into a problem if the court documents are not being found to prove that you were not convicted. I would suggest reading the application carefully on what constitutes a yes or a no then going from there.
  14. jaznia15

    Fired after 16 years related to my felony

    I thought GA was an unforgiving state as well and even though I have just applied to the Board with a misdemeanor affray(fighting) on my record, I have already got a secured job despite the conviction and had two job offers lined up from other facilities (one actually running a background check the day I interviewed). I know its all up in the board's hands but I was very relieved to know it was not going to be impossible to get a job even with a previous conviction as an RN. I have already turned in my court paperwork and letter of explanation 2 weeks before I could actually apply for the RN license so hopefully that will give me a leg up if a review has already taken place. Once I have everything situated I plan on writing a success posting to let folks know the outcome.
  15. jaznia15

    Don't know what to do (job offer)

    I ended up taking the job offer from MCCG despite the 18 month contract. The benefits offered to new grads are you get hired on as a nurse extern grad which only pays a little over $12 an hour until you get your RN number and are promoted to clinical nurse, but this position gives you a chance to get oriented to the hospital and your prior to working as a nurse. They also offer a $500 stipend for your boards and any reviews you take. You still pay for your boards but are given up to $500 back after showing receipts. They also offer a one time loan repayment of $5000 for a 12 month commitment which is really what caught my attention being in student loan debt after these last four years working on my BSN. I like that the facility offers a work on weekend only shift which pays a $5 diff plus weekend diff and night shift diff. New grads can do this after 6 months experience. They offer the usual life insurance, short/long term disability, health insurance, term life insurance, dental/vision insurance, and a 403B retirement account which they match up to %5. Its a level 1 trauma facility and also a magnet status hospital so I think its a good place to start your career especially with the opprotunities to work on different floors. I thought the 18 month contract was sketchy but at the end of the day I had always planned to stay at least a year at my first job whether I liked it or not to gain experience so 6 more months shouldn't make or break me.