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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD... Read More

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    I just did the Fitz Review Course Online for 24 hours CEs which allowed me to go with my pace at home.
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    I am with you on that. I failed the AANP in December 2011, was so disappointed. I bought Joann Zerwekh FNP review book and took Fitz Review Course Online for 15hrs CEs. Prior to the exam, I did APEA 30 days and her actual review course (do not waste money on her stuffs) plus Fitz review book 2010. I will be retaking the exam soon, waiting for Prometric to send me a letter to schedule the exam. I feel ready this time after review both of these resources plus additional materials on 5-Minute Clinical Consult. There are a few exact exam questions which I found on both Zerekh and Fitz Review Course Online. There was a ton of questions on Dermatology which I am now ready for it.
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    When I read your post my face just lit up with a big ole fat smile! I am so happy for you. As soon as I read your post I thanked God for you! I was praying for you when you told us that you would be taking your test on Dec. 30. But then when I did not hear anything from you I got a little worried because you had not posted that you had past. So you where on my mind because I was wondering how you made out. I am so glad to hear that God has done it again! God is faithful!!! The only thing you can do to help me is to continue to pray for me. I will be taking my test next month after the review course that I am taking. I just started back studying. God is good and I trust Him that I will pass that test. Congrats! Enjoy! I am so glad you did not give up and that you continued to pray and trust God! This is so encouraging for me because I know that God is able to do the same for me!
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    I took the AANP and failed. I feel terrible. I kinda blanked out and I wish I could say the majority of the content was what I did not study but it wasn't. Probaly about 75% of the stuff I studied it was just they picked out the most random crap that I must have missed. I plan to take it again but I feel like its so much info that I will never remember it all. I am so depressed right now. I studied hard. I did the Fitzgerald review class plus the Fitzgerald cert review book plus I made notecards and paid for practice exams. Please help I am exhausted right now and can't possibly imagine doing this crap again:-(
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    I know just how you feel! It is both physically and mentally exhausting! After taking that test I felt like it was the longest day ever. I just got my letter to retest and I get anxiety every time I think about that test and every time I ride by the testing center! I studied hard too so I understand just how you are feeling! I cried for 3 days after I did not pass the first time. It is disappointing but know that you are not defeated. Cry, be upset do what you got to do to get those bad feelings out of your system! Then you must pray and continue to study. Come up with a plan. I just want to be done and put this test behind me so that I can get on with my life! Hang in there.... All things are possible if you believe and trust God! Don't give up!
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    You are still in my prayers. Have you received your test date? I felt nauseated every time I considered scheduling. It is just one of those things. You know the material. Be confident in yourself and do it.
    I know you can do it. A few suggestions that helped me this time... I marked fewer answers. I only changed an answer if I could prove to myself that my initial response was incorrect. I consciously took more time in reading the question and each of the responses. If I found my mind wandering I read the answers starting from the bottom up.
    In addition... Check out the ANA's website. It has a lot of helpful information about Ethics, Scope, etc. Also look at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner website. It has a lot of extra info about the NP role. Not that the info is real specific, but I found it helpful and almost relieving. It covers the extras that many of the review books do not cover.
    Keep me posted.
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    I know it sounds funny, but it is possible to overstudy. This causes even more anxiety, which leads to confusion (and frustration and self doubt) when taking the exam. It is about studying in little chunks. Take the material that you are least comfortable with and start there. Allow yourself more time for that information. I would often begin and focus my studying on the information I knew and felt most confident with, why not, it made me feel like I actually knew something. This took away from my time of becoming more knowledgeable (and comfortable) about the stuff that I did not really know.
    I know that even considering retaking that exam is heart wrenching. It is a necessary evil that has to be achieved to accomplish your ultimate goal. And remember, your patients aren't going to ask you how many times it took for you to pass your boards. They will probably be impressed with your diligence and steadfast approach to their care.
    Good luck.
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    Zoeypb,Thank you for the advice. I have not set a date to test yet because I am waiting to take the np webinar by Maria Leiks. I'm thinking of taking the test in March. I have until May but I don't want to wait that long. I have been studying almost everyday my review books. When I get the answers wrong I go back and review them and most of the time I get the answer wrong because I read the question to fast. Yes I plan on taking my time on this exam and carefully read the question. Yes I am nervous and I almost had a break down last week. A part of me just wanted to give up! But I know that is not an option. I know God will allow to pass this test. I still have hope. I just want to put this exam behind and move on with my life. Thank you and continue to keep me in your prayers.
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    Jane, Zoey, Dancegrl, et al.... I am so happy that you all have posted. Back in November, 2011, I noticed that many people were not posting when they failed. So i felt like a bigger failure, thinking I'm among the minority. So I decided to write (my original post) to see what i was doing wrong. I failed twice and now that I'm about to take it a third time, I came back to my original post and saw so many positive replies. You all are very strong, positive, loving people. To come to this blog and post your thoughts, fears, hopes and to help those whom you don't know is Wonderful!!!! God bless you all. I wish you all much success and love; that you may become great role models and great NPs. I feel hopeful and confident that when I go retest, I will pass. Jane, I plan to take the AANP in March also. I will keep you all in my prayers as well. One day at a prometrix site, a woman came up to me (who knew I had failed b/c my husband told her why I was so sad) and told me to be confident and don't give up b/c her son was there taking his "teachers" certification and had failed 9 times before he had passed that day. I know its not the same test, but I can imagine how frustrating it must have been for him. Many would have given up, but he didn't! Neither should we!!! Be strong, be courageous, be positive. We're all nurses.....we can do this!
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    Hope, you are so right. I was just taking to my best friend last night and I was telling her how stressful failing is mentally. I told her that I am drained and I don't have the desire to keep studying! She had to remind me not to give up. It is so easy to give up and it is hard to keep on! So we all have to PUSH (pray until something happens). My friend read me this email about being frustrated when things don't happen when we want them too. God has the plan for us and when we overcome this situation we will understand why we had to go through this pain and suffering in order to receive His blessings. We will appreciate God even more and what He has blessed us with when it is all over. I feel discouraged at times but not defeated. When we give up then we are defeated. I'm gonna keep trusting God. God bless!
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    I just took the AANP for the first time this morning with a preliminary passing report. I can't really give an opinion on the ANCC, but the AANP was predominantly clinical questions. I took the Fitzgerald 3 day review course back in late Jan. and began the brutal routine of studying every day. I initially reviewed the entire review book and then purchased the practice FNP tests from - Your #1 source for passing the AANP Family Nurse Practitioner.

    Prior to the review course, I had two review/practice test books. One was the Fitzgerald practice book and the other was the Hollier review book. I accidentally left my other Fitzgerald review book with practice exams at a relatives house out of state, so I wasn't able to use (I think I just did a few sections from that book). I also did a few practice questions/review sections from the Amelie Hollier book "Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner: Certification Practice Questions". It's o.k.. Basically, these books did not really make a huge impact for me, but they may help others

    For me, the Fitzgerald review course with the review book and the practice exams from the AANP-FNP website helped me the most. I have huge test anxiety and when I signed up to take the test, my anxiety shot up.. That's when I used the website tests since it was computerized. I took 20 practice tests from that site and by the time I finished taking them and reviewing the answer, I got so sick and tired of doing these questions and felt ready to get the real thing done and over with... Doing questions from a review book vs. doing them in a similar computerized format was different for me, which is why the website helped. It gives you so many questions that it smacks the test anxiety out of you... The only thing that may be misleading about those online practice exams would be the scoring and the type of questions. Some of those questions relate to reimbursement or theory (which I hear is geared more for the ANCC), but I honestly stopped reading those types of questions and picked an answer to focus more on the clinical questions (my scores were not so hot, but for good reason). After taking a certain number of practice tests and reviewing the answers, I realized that the point where a majority of the clinical questions were correct was the point where I was ready to take the real thing. If anyone chooses this site as part of your study regimen, don't be discouraged with the score. While doing these, you can also get a better feel for your weak areas and review that more. I also think this can help with test taking skills after you've done so many and reviewed the answers. A couple of days ago, I began skimming through the Fitzgerald review book again with a greater emphasis on my weak areas. Going into the test initially and seeing the computer screen in front of me, I wasn't really nervous and felt pretty well prepared. A majority of the questions were fair in that I have seen the information somewhere in my review material/website, but there were a few where I was completely left at a loss... I felt as if they asked questions pertaining to every body system and age group. Once the test ended and the white screen appeared, my anxiety level shot through the roof! It was very nerve wracking, but once it said passed, it's a sweet feeling.

    For those who passed, congratulation! For those who have yet to pass (and you will), I hope the aforementioned material may be of some help (even if it's just a little). I wish you luck on the exam and all of your future endeavors. Don't give up