Exams vs. writing papers!!!!

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    I am interested in attending NP school but I am hearing that you have to write alot of papers which is very discouraging due to the fact that I hate writing papers...So my question is what programs are out there consist of mostly Exams???

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    Honest. None. Your gonna need to write some papers
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    One of those basic Rules of Life is that, the higher you go in education, the more you write. You write more in a BSN program than in an ADN or diploma program. You write more in an MSN program than in a BSN program. You write more in a doctoral program than in a Master's program. Improving your academic/professional writing skills is a big piece of graduate education. That's just the way it is.
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    No schools, that I aware of, consist of only exams. Currently in FNP school, I am writing a tons but also learning much as well. With any degree, I would suspect that you would have to write papers to further understand the theories of nursing. If FNP is really what you want, you can do this : )
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    I do not think there are many, if any, programs that have mostly exams. Strengthen your writing skills if you want to go to NP school.

    Good luck!
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    Lol my rn-bsn program has no exams so im guessing not many np programs do either but the papers I write are longer but easier per say. Like I have 10pg papers but they ask for so much info that I usually have to cut back information instead of fluffing like I had to in my adn program
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    Yep, BSN was 90% papers and MSN is even more. Once you start writing you won't hate it so much. It just kinda starts becoming normal and gets easier as you go on because you learn how to do research and such.
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    I got used to writing papers. I practiced typing with a speed typing program and I got to love cut and paste. There are probably some writing manuals others can suggest. I think I used "elements of style".
    I always used an outline and would fill in each section when I had new ideas. Or new citations....and eventually a paper would take shape...
    Good luck
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    A NP program is very different than an RN-BSN program. I did an RN-BSN program and it was almost all writing. However, with an NP program you are doing more than having class discussion and writing papers, you are memorizing and applying information that you will potentially use for the rest of your career. Almost all of my NP classes have had exams, and I wouldn't expect anything else.
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    I agree with the others. Grad school usually means more papers. I'm almost done my program and only 3 classes had all exams. Adv physical assessment, Adv Pharm and Adv Patho. My other classes ranged from writing a 1 paper a week to 1 big term paper at the end of the semester.

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