Duquesne online FNP - anyone?

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    Hi! I'm approaching my 1 year of experience (medical-oncology unit in a UPMC facility), and am starting to seriously research programs. I'm really interested (actually my first choice as of now) in Duquesne University's online FNP program. It just seems to fit what I'm looking for. But I've been scowering this website for several months, and nobody seems to have any personal experience with Duquesne for MSN programs.

    I'm looking for any relevant advice, tips, or personal experience with their FNP program. I'm looking at their online program, but would love any insight at all. Aside from my BSN, I also hold a BS degree in biology (earned before my BSN). Both degrees were completed with a graduating GPA of about 3.2, so I hope that having 2 BS degrees helps to compensate for the sub-par GPAs (perhaps I'm being naive). Duquesne is a reputable institution, so I'm mostly concerned I'm reaching for something out of my reach.
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    I just got accepted there. I agree, there isn't any reviews that I've found from students but they are ranked high by US News and World.
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    First of all... CONGRATS! I'd LOVE to pick your brain about acceptance. They're my first choice, and I'm so scared I don't have competitive enough credentials to hold a chance. I have 2 BS degrees (one in biology, the second in nursing), both with a 3.2 GPA. I'm at 1 year of experience on a UPMC medical-oncology unit now, and plan to apply for next year's cohort.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing a little about your background? How was the application process? And most importantly... any tips?
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    Of all the places I applied, it was the easiest application. No interview. My background is nurse for 5 years, floor nurse for 1. Have additional BD and MS degrees in Sports Medicine. GPA around 3.5. Nursing is my second career. I applied in October. UPMC employees receive a 30% tuition discount. A good essay is key. Male sure you fit the other requirements also. Anymore questions, just ask.
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    Thank you, I'm sure I'll be asking more questions as I go through the process! Again, congratulations!
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    adamRn79, How do you like the program so far?
    PA_RN87 did you apply to the program?
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    Quote from focusport
    adamRn79, How do you like the program so far?
    PA_RN87 did you apply to the program?
    I'm actually in the process of sending in application materials right now!
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    Quote from focusport
    adamRn79, How do you like the program so far?
    PA_RN87 did you apply to the program?
    If I passed my EBP class, then I'll say that it's fine. The grading is outrageous and nitpicky. I will say that's conveinent. Feel free to ask any other questions
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    Some of my classmates at another university switched to Duquesne after our first semester (ours was rather disorganized and annoying at the beginning), and they both loved it there.
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    What university was that? Just curious, because I've applied to others in addition to Duquesne.

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