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Am I too old to become an NP?

  1. 6 I'm 43 y/o and thinking of becoming an NP. I will be an NP by 50 y/o. uhhh! Is that too old to make all the hard work worth it? I would do Family Practice. That gives me 10-12 yrs to work, then it will be time to retire and travel. What do you think? Its not about the money I will be spending on school or the income I will earn. Just the time. 7yrs of school for 10-12 yrs out of school.
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    i think you're going to be 50 in 7 years no matter if you're in school or not....sounds to me like you'll be saying at 50 " I wished I'd started this 7 yrs ago"
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    who says you have to retire when you are 62? If you enjoy your work, you may want to continue to work into your golden years. I say go for it!
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    I became an FNP at 47....believe me, you're not too old!
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    Is your retirement influenced by how much you need to pay for school? More and more people aren't going to retire so young anyways. Also, you could travel as an NP.
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    Heck no! Go for it! I think it is great when us 40 year olds go out and get even more education. All your years of experience with more education - your patients will be so blessed.
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    How long does it take to become a NP? I'm an ADN right now with a former BA. I will be working on BSN in fall of 2013.
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    Your definately not too old! I was 43 when I became an NP. Why is it going to take 7 years though? What level degree do you have now?
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    If you're interested in that area of study and would like to practice as an FNP, then, without a doubt, go for it. By the time you're reach what is now a customary age of retirement, it may not be financially practical for you (or most of us) to retire. And if you're healty and you enjoy what you are doing, why would you want to? (The last sentence is my personal bias. )
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    Nope not too old. It's not like your brain will fall out at 50 or some age related tragedy. Go for it. When you say its going to take you 7 years do you mean part time or starting from scratch?
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    I am 43, and just going into my 1 quarter this fall. I really hope it is not to old or I am in trouble!!

    Are there jobs for FNP's in your area? I know we are saturated in my area, I know a few people who are still working at bedside because they cant find work as a FNP.

    I am doing this because I want to, and like someone else said, you will be that old either way! I am not sure why it will be taking 7 years. I am in a 2 1/2 year program, it is part time. I have up to 7 years to comlpete it if I need to slow down.

    (and do you really mean we are going to be 50 in 7 years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    (and do you really mean we are going to be 50 in 7 years?!?!?!?!?!?!?![/QUOTE]

    I've heard rumors that 50 is the new 40 so in 7 years you'll be 3 years younger than you are now.
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    rnMomm and the rest of the forum participants:

    I have just been accepted into an MSN-FNP program and I am 45. I will be 47/48 when I graduate!!! Big deal We look younger and are in better health than we were 100s of years ago. I do not want to just work until I am 65...what is that? And then just loaf around for 30 years and be a burden to the crumbling social financial system of the United States of America???... I want to work as long as possible especially; if I enjoy what I am doing!! As other posters have stated, IT IS NOT TOO LATE !!!!!!!!!! WE ARE STILL YOUNG !!!!! 50 and 60 anymore is like being 30. And this is the time of our lives. I feel like I am re-inventing myself and I love it !!!! I wouldn't want to be 20 something ever again because I love the knowledge and experience that only time and maturity could provideEmbrace your journey and you will never regret obtaining you NP degree. I certainly am and there's no turning back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!