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Ive been accepted to Frontier. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Still in shock....happy, excited, scared. Will be going to Frontier Bound in Nov. Since I began looking at schools, I felt this was where I was... Read More

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    Quote from CallMePatti
    It's a tough program, but worth it. There's a reason why the school is one of the top grad schools in the US!
    Frontier Bound is the most amazing experience. My advice, enjoy every second! Your life is about to change in wonderful ways!
    How is this program considered "tough"? Is it tough because of the amount of reading/work that is required? The number of assignments? The projects? The demands? Can you please elaborate?

    I am looking to apply to begin in 2013 and have been looking at this school since I graduated with my BSN. My only question is whether I will be able to adequately manage my time between full time work as an RN (which I now have my year of experience in med-surg/onc), my two younger children beginning elementary years) and then Frontier part time..... Is it possible or will I be sacraficing something?

    One last question: What is the workload like during a typical week for part time (2 classes)? How many hours of reading? How many hours of assignments? Studying? Etc. How long is one session (2 classes at a time)?

    Thank you!
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    Quote from CallMePatti
    Yes, working full time and schooling part time is doable, but definitely not easy as you get into the higher level courses. You will have to manage your time well and stay organized.

    You can do your clinicals wherever you want, but just not where you are employed.
    It that a policy of Frontier? Because I know of a Frontier student who was doing clinicals where she worked. In fact, the only way they will let Frontier students do clinicals there is if they are employees.
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    Quote from BulletBlueSky
    Hello, I am also considering Frontier for their FNP program. Can someone confirm that I am reading this correctly..."Registered nurses who have an Associate Degree in Nursing but no baccalaureate degree in any discipline will be considered for admission via the ADN-to-MSN Bridge."

    I do not have a baccalaureate degree, only my ADN. So, I read the above as I don't need an undergrad degree to get accepted into the RN-MSN bridge, correct?

    Also, in regards to the one year of experience... I don't currently have one year of experience, but by the time the class I would apply for starts, I will have one year of experience. Will that count or do they want me to have one year of experience at the time I apply, irregardless of which class I am applying for ?
    I was actually invited to a case day for the midwifery program at Frontier by a coworker and one of the women there that is currently in the bridge program said that she applied before her 1 year of RN experience had been completed(she had 26 years LVN experience) and she basically got told that she couldn't start the program until she had one year of experience as an RN, but she got accepted in the next class she was able to attend. So I'm going to apply now before I have my one year(It will be for the February Bridge) and hopefully they will take that into account.
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    jansled, I created a massive portfolio as well. What is your current status?
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    I finally got in to Frontier's class 112 FNP program. I had to take statistics and physical assessment classes first.
    I go to Frontier Bound March 4th
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    Quote from jansled
    I finally got in to Frontier's class 112 FNP program. I had to take statistics and physical assessment classes first.
    I go to Frontier Bound March 4th
    I'm so jealous of all you guys!!! I want to go their sooooo badly. I need to do the Physical assessment class as well. Did you do it with Frontier? Was it all online for the class or did you need to go in to have your assessments evaluated? How much did they charge you for the assessment class? Congrats on getting in!!! I'm looking to go this fall
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    I did take my Physical Assessment class at Frontier. All of it was online. The class was around $2k books and all. I would think that by taking the class from them, it helps them become familiar with you. You also prove that you can survive an online class. Make sure you focus and come out with a perfect grade Proving you would be a good student and getting to know them was well worth taking the class from them.
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    HI! I am thinking about 2015? I will just be finishing my ASN and will have a BS in biology. I will hopefully have a little over a year experience. Just wondering what my chances are with so little experience. I am also wondering if it is mostly on campus or if it is online.
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    My concern with that is dishing out 2k for a class other programs don't require, then not even getting accepted. Frontier is my ultimate choice for a program but I wonder if I should hold off on applying until I find out if I get accepted into these other program.

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