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JennyS has 11 years experience as a BSN, DNP, CNM and specializes in RN CNM DNP.

Just a regular gal loving helping women and supporting physiologic birth with shared decision making and evidence-based care. It doesn't matter where you go to school as long as you have supportive advisors without that it will be a long and heavy road. Do not ignore warning signs and be a warrior of your education. Do not let anyone including professors dictate your worth and do not let anyone dictate what your future will be like. You are the only one that can decide what your future will be. Don't ever give up on your dream. 

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  1. So I just finished third term at FNU Does anyone have any suggestions for getting through the rest of the program for CNEP? Its been brutal and my nerves are shot. I need some encouragement
  2. JennyS

    Frontier CNM Class 155

    Did you get in? I am a student midwife waiting to begin my courses. i have added a new Facebook page for information and to gather together especially those who also have a doula background like myself Facebook Stop on by and tell me how you heard about the page, what your goals are or just to share experiences while you travel on your path to becoming a midwife
  3. JennyS

    Frontier CNM Class 155

    Has anyone heard about how the curriculum is ?
  4. How did Frontier go for you? My next step is to attend FB Can you give any tips or tricks as to the curriculum and/or organization etc..
  5. how did you it all go for you? I was accepted and was wondering how you handled the work load and do you have any tips?
  6. JennyS

    CNM to DNP and Frontier vs Yale

    im curious to how things turned out for you.
  7. JennyS

    Frontier CNM Class 155

    Thank you!
  8. JennyS

    Frontier CNM Class 155

    i was accepted into class 155!!!!
  9. JennyS

    Frontier Nursing University Class #157

    Thank you !
  10. JennyS

    August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    Enema? I'm not doing an enema, Fred?
  11. JennyS

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

    How did it go for you?
  12. JennyS

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

    I know its been a few years How was it for you? Update please.
  13. JennyS

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    I would like to suggest that those who are worried about finding a preceptor keep or get your foot in the door at your local teaching hospital Get to know your nurses and midwives. I think the odds will be in your favor if you network a little. The midwives and doulas I've met love to teach I guess I'll learn all of the criteria for the midwifery school I attend later but I think it comes down to 'who you know' Work as a volunteer doula then some of the midwives will have established a trust with you
  14. JennyS

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    Were these personal friends or are you obtaining your information from this forum? I live in a big metro so have a better chance of finding a preceptor plus I have networked as a nurse and doula so I would imagine those in the more rural communities might find it a difficult task I have read here on Allnurses that a few had to travel to a neighboring city to find a preceptor I have not read anything pertaining to the student not finding one at all.
  15. JennyS

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    I'm wondering where you are getting this information?
  16. JennyS

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    Where do you get your figures?