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Wound Cleanser info needed

  1. 0 We have always used Technicare scrub to clean those little bumps the kids encounter during school. We must have had this cleaner for quite some time, because now when we need to order, I see that it was pulled off the market.
    I am wondering what anyone else uses to clean wounds? I liked that the Technicare was clear on the skin.
    Thanks for your help.
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    hydrogen peroxide
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    Soap and water.
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    soap and water on things that can go easily to the sink, Bactine for those things that can't. also keep peroxide on hand for fresh, dirty wounds.
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    Half strength H2O2
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    Band-aid antiseptic wash
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    soap and water
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    Soap and water. Anything else is considered a med by our district and requires medical authorization and parent permission, which I'm not going to get for a playground boo boo.
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    I usually do Soap and Water. I only use h2o2 for hard to reach places....
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    soap and water.
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    Quote from rdsxfnrn
    hydrogen peroxide
    Wound care is huge right now....... hydrogen peroxide is a no- no..... kills good tissues with bad, just plain soap and water.... that is what our WOCN @ VNS had us do.
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    Soap & water or Cinder Suds.
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    benzalkonium chloride and /or soap and water