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Hi guys! Yesterday, I interviewed for a school nurse position. The interview went great, IMO, anyway! I currently work on a cardiac unit in a small hospital. I hadn't planned on leaving, but at my... Read More

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    So I called the principal today and left her a voice mail. She called me back later, told me I was her #1 candidate, and that she was waiting for the head nurse to call me, who had been out sick.
    Head nurse called me at about 8pm tonight! We spoke for 45minutes, and she told me that she would call the principal in the AM, and that one of them would be calling me back tomorrow. I'm guessing that will be with a job offer!
    Keep fingers crossed, just in case, please!
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    I GOT IT!
    STart 3/11. Any tips and tricks will be appreciated!
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    Good luck it is the best job ever
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    Congrats!!!! Keep us posted on how it goes!
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    congrats! Feel free to ask us any questions!
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    Congratulations! Hope your start goes smoothly!