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  1. mclavers

    UTA Family Nurse Practitioner program fall 2015

    I have not heard anything back
  2. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

  3. mclavers

    Vagal Nerve Stimulator

    I work in a school for medically fragile children. We have at least 3 students that use them. There are several youtube videos that are very good. Contact the company they will send training dvd. I just received. A new one it is good, will use for st...
  4. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

    No I did not do a proctored exam. Yes I would recommend IWU
  5. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

    Q: What is ACE CREDIT? A: The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) helps students gain academic credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside of traditional degree programs. With over 35,000 co...
  6. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

    I am in the final week of the first course. I really do like it
  7. Iwu Indiana Wesleyan. It is a good school. I found it accepted the most credits
  8. mclavers

    Medication storage

    I have recently switched to a different school with alot of medication. I need to get it organized a little better. I got a spice storage system called youcopia will hold 30 bottles. I still need some good ideas. Any suggestions?
  9. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

    I took thr Algebra through straighterline then had the transcript sent to ACE
  10. mclavers

    Wish me luck!!

    Good luck it is the best job ever
  11. mclavers

    What would you do (with high yuck factor).

    Sounds like a mess. Our school offers accident insurance to every student that the parent can purchase. They all decline I remind the parents of this when they start in with complaints...If the child picked up a tampon applicator at home and did this...
  12. I am enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan I love the program 2 religion classes, no chemistry or statistics, accepted all my transfer credits
  13. mclavers

    Starting a new position

    I am Changing schools to work at our school for the medically fragile children. Any advice.
  14. mclavers

    Indiana wesleyan university

    One week down. Seems to be as advertised so far