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School Nurse fired for alleged comment made about students

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    From the article: When asked if her words might have been misconstrued, Snyder said it was possible. She said at the time she and three other people were talking about how some special needs children are often "abused and neglected. I said if the parents didn't take care of them they should be euthanized. But I didn't say one word against those kids."

    As a soon to be foster/adoptive parent, this angers me even more. So abused and neglected children should be euthanized?!?!?! Insane! Maybe she meant that the parents should be euthanized, I can't tell. Who in their right mind would ever even think something like that, much less verbalize it among a group of people. This is just too insane to comprehend!
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    wow...just wow
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    I would be furious...she deserved to lose her job, that's absolutely ridiculous.
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    Hard to tell from the article. I think her defense is saying she meant that the *parents* should be euthanized. Either way, it was a stupid thing to say.
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    Indeed, she should not be in this profession!!! Sad, sad, sad.
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    I agree... she shouldn't have said what she said but from the article, I think that she was saying the abusing parents/guardians should be euthanized not the kids. Sad situation all the way around
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    It sounds this nurse meant no harm at all, she was probably venting her frustration with dealing with special needs students parents NOT the students themselves. However, some thoughts just need to be kept to yourself because they can take on a life of their own!