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My assistant usually covers my 30 minute lunch, but on days when the front desk, or other front office employees are out (which is often), they use her to cover for them. I guess they assume I can... Read More

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    Yesterday I was so mad. My office at one school is in the back of the library. I decided to take my lunch at work and just do some paperwork because it was already about an hour and a half before I leave anyway. I told the library clerk that I'm on lunch and if students ask I'm not here. I closed my door (which I rarely do unless I'm having a private conversation) and I put a privacy screen behind my door because there's a window opening. Even with the screen up, you could still see my lights are on. I can't lock my door on the inside, but silly me I assumed that staff or students (high schoolers) would see the privacy screen and the closed door and think to knock before they enter. Well one of my frequent fliers, who's always dizzy during this particular period, decided he wanted to see me. Either the clerk wasn't at her desk in the front of she was busy and didn't notice the student walking in. The student pushed open my door and stopped briefly noticing the screening was in the way, and just pushed harder and knocked the screen over. I was irritated. I told the student, "Excuse me, but I'm on lunch. I put up the screen and to give myself privacy. If you see something like that blocking my doorway again you need to knock because I could have had a student in here undressing. Furthermore, if a door is closed you should always knock before entering." Student, "Oh. Well I'm dizzy." I told the student to wait outside on the bench and I could check them out in 10 mins. I go outside and the student is listening to their iPod and texting. Sent back to class.

    Edit: Today during my lunch break I went to the Dollar Tree and brought one of those Closed signs with a clock stating when I will be back. I will hang it in my little window on my door and see if it will prevent more incidents like this.
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