Let the COUNTDOWN begin!

  1. 22 days until SUMMER VACATION!!! (21 for me, since I won't be here this Friday!)
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  3. by   mycsm
    I have officially started my "to get done list". Wahoooo!!!!!!!
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I like counting down weeks...7 1/2 weeks for me! We go two weeks later than everyone else...boo.
  5. by   100kids
    Let me just say how jealous I am right now! I guess come August when I'm still laying on a beach with 4 weeks til school starts again I'll feel better.

    We have 42 days left here. 8 and a half weeks to go. I think I like the days better than the weeks-sounds better.

    Being new in the middle of this year I still have so much to get done by the end of June.
  6. by   Flare
    i haven't counted yet - but i'm not out until late june though the mild winter turned memorial day weekend into a 5 day weekend for us
  7. by   mc3
    32 days and counting!!!!! What are you all doing on summer vacation? I'm considering working agency for a few days a week for the extra $$$ - I dunno.............
  8. by   100kids
    Quote from mc3
    32 days and counting!!!!! What are you all doing on summer vacation? I'm considering working agency for a few days a week for the extra $$$ - I dunno.............
    I am spending every sunny day at the beach. Can't wait!
  9. by   MinnieMomRN
    Oh my gosh. 8 weeks for me. I will start my 'get it done' list today. It is rather exciting, isn't it? I'll still be working Mondays and Tuesdays at the Pedi's office in the summer, but oh those glorious Wednesdays thru Sundays!!!! I hope this board won't go completely quiet over the summer, I'll miss you guys!!

  10. by   ColleenJune
    Twenty days!
  11. by   100kids
    Since this is my 1st year as a School nurse and I didn't even start at the beginning of the year can anyone share some of the things on their "Get it done" list so I am not scrambling at the last minute.

  12. by   MinnieMomRN
    Hi 100 kids!

    My To do list includes a lot of follow-up --

    making sure I've followed up and documented the response of all parents/MD reports for kids who failed the state mandated screenings. I am getting ready to submit the end of the year reports.

    I am sending letters home to parents, letting them know what paperwork will be needed for the next year. For example, my state requires that a physical be submitted for certain grades. While I encourage all parents to send in the results from the child's yearly physical, I will definitely need the physicals on file for the grade(s) that the state mandates, so I send out a letter which helps them get all the info from their pedi when they book their summer physicals. They will also get a letter in early June advising them to pick up meds, or risk them being destroyed.

    I get my MD orders for the next school year before this school year ends, and basically as much as I can get done in advance so that September is less of a bear.

    I also plan/schedule my spring presentations -- hygiene, safety, allergies, CPR.

    I have a month-by month list of basic school nurse tasks that I got from another nurse in my district, and I would be happy to share it if you are interested. PM me your e-mail, and I will scan the doc and send it to you.

  13. by   rural_nurse
    I would love you have a copy of your list but for some reason I cannot sent a PM. Thanks
  14. by   SchoolRNAmy

    I would love a copy of your list as well. This is my first year..... and any help would be wonderful and appreciated!!!