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Just a little laugh for ya!

  1. 7 Asst principal came into my office, feverishly writing a note about one of our 3rd grade girls. "Please check _______, I think she has ringworm on her face. Both cheeks."

    ::Sigh:: Called the room, no answer. Walked down the hallway and pulled the student into the hallway and observed that both cheeks had pinkish circles... That were leftover face paint from an assembly on Monday... Yep, this ringworm grew in a fabulous shape of a peace sign and a flower!

    Maybe they should leave the assessment skils to us
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    LOL! I have had a panicky teacher rush and asthmatic student to my office because "his mouth was turning blue!" I asked him if he has been chewing on his marker and he said yes. A little baby wipe removed all traces of his "asthma attack"!
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    Today I needed the laughs! Thanks!!!
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    kid walks into my office saying "the (basketball)pole ran into him" REALLY!!!
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    A teacher broght a student because she had a really bad bloody knee! Yep, red marker!!! Seriously? I didn't know it took a nursing degree to tell the difference!
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    Too cute! I had a teacher bring in a student because she expected the child was being abused d/t red marks on the childs' neck. A clean wipe cleared up the red marker and abuse claims were immediately dropped.
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    Please, remind your panicky principals and teachers to breathe occasionally. It makes the brain work so much better.