Gift ideas for a preceptor? (school nurse) - page 2

I had a very short (four weeks, one half-day per week) rotation with a very kind, helpful, and personable school nurse preceptor. I'd like to get her a little thank-you gift, and I'd like some... Read More

  1. by   LovedRN
    cartoon bandages would be so cute!!! Why not?
  2. by   lvn2rncali
    The bandages is a cute idea. A lot of Nurses love coffee...get your preceptor a nice card and a Starbucks gift card. And I agree with Patti_RN, stay in touch periodically and apprise her of all the great things you're doing. She will love it!
  3. by   thahn14399
    I think you should write a hand written leter expressing your gratitude.Sometimes people think the best gifts are those that cost money. I disagree!
  4. by   mycsm
    a dunkin donuts gift card. Something that has nothing to do with her job... I would appreciate a cup of coffee than a box of bandaids to be honest. sorry if that came out harsh. wasnt meant that way
  5. by   Flare
    I think it's wonderful that you are taking a moment to remember this person. However, with all due respect i tend to agree with Donnacee. It's one thing if the office as a really tight budget and they are thankful for every extra supply they can get, but i have planty of bandages in my office. And to be honest "fun cutesy" bandaids just tend to create more visits for invisible cuts because Sally is jealous that Stacy got a Snoopy bandaid.