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  1. Why would you ever think of revealing your sexual orientation to anyone in the workplace, especially with patients? Your personal life is no one's business!! I think it's inappropriate for you to share personal things at work; there's so much that can go wrong with that. I think private matters, especially political, religious and sexual preferences should be left out of discussions at work. Keep it simple, avoid confusion that can surely disrupt your life and quite possibly cause you to lose your job.
  2. lvn2rncali

    What does Florence Nightingale mean to you?

    Florence Nightingale was a pioneer and important trailblazer that contributed a great deal to the nursing profession. However I wish that Mary E. Mahoney, the first black professional nurse, could also be recognized for her contributions.
  3. lvn2rncali

    UTA (Arlington, TX)

    Hi there. I applied to UTA for Summer 2012 and found the experience to be frustrating and I was not impressed. There's an impersonal feel to the school and program as a whole. You get transferred to this person or the next, all without straight answers to any questions or you just get a voice mail. I also applied to University of Wyoming and they are great! There's rarely a voice mail (and if there is someone calls back promptly) and I get straight answers to my questions. It seems a lot more personable, too. I have been accepted by the school and will be taking NURS 3010, the introductory class, this summer, which starts on Monday. I strongly considered UTA, as it seems like a good program, but I don't like feeling like a number and the Wyoming program is much cheaper. Hope this helps! Good luck in the program you choose. :)
  4. lvn2rncali

    Passed LS3 Today...

    Keep going, Excelsior students! I know it seems hard and endless, but you can do this!
  5. lvn2rncali

    health and safety exam- fail

    Hi there. Don't worry, you will be ok. I am an Excelsior graduate and have been through it all...the tests, FCCA, CPNE and NCLEX. My advice to you is for you to really hunker down and be very diligent about the studies. I know it seems like review of the LVN/LPN but there's so much more to learn. What helped me was to get a board review book that is really detailed, like Saunders. It goes over all the diseases, treatments, meds, etc. and it's helpful. I don't know if you have textbooks, but you can get them for cheap on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.Com. Honestly, I did not buy the current editions that were recommended. Why? They had the same info as the older books for a lot less money. Study hard and get the good grades. If you work for the Government, they actually ask to see your transcripts and your grades WILL matter. Also, if you want to go on for your BSN the programs will have a minimum GPA they will accept. I know of a fellow Excelsior Grad that could not get into a BSN program she wanted to attend because her GPA was too low. Also, the better you do and the more prepared you are, the better prepared you will be for NCLEX-RN. Just pick yourself up and start over, this time wiser. I know it's hard because it's self-directed with no instructor, but it can be done. I don't know you but admire your desire to do better. Excelsior students and graduates are the best...we have a really high pass rate on NCLEX, too! Now go get 'em! You can do it!! Keep smiling and best wishes to you.
  6. lvn2rncali

    Took NCLEX-RN!!!

    Congrats, great job nurse!
  7. lvn2rncali

    CPNE site.

    Hi there. I took the CPNE in Lubbock, TX and it was fine. Tough, but fine. If you go there, stay at the Baymont Inn. You get luxury for a small amount of money as compared to the not so great places in the same price range. I didn't take Sheri's Online Workshop, but I did buy her book, which was helpful with the Care Plans. I took Rob's CPNE and used that and the Excelsior Study Guide as my main source of studying. Get that Excelsior CPNE DVD and CD, too. I played that CD with the Critical Elements until I couldn't stand it anymore, but it helped tremendously! The DVD was great in helping you know how things will be set up, what to expect. Overall, I had a really great experience in Lubbock. The CE's were nice and in the end, were happy to see you do good (you really don't feel that way at first, though). Good luck! :)
  8. lvn2rncali

    Gift ideas for a preceptor? (school nurse)

    The bandages is a cute idea. A lot of Nurses love coffee...get your preceptor a nice card and a Starbucks gift card. And I agree with Patti_RN, stay in touch periodically and apprise her of all the great things you're doing. She will love it!
  9. lvn2rncali

    Just Passed NCLEX-RN...

    Congrats! :w00t:
  10. I live in California and was an LVN before becoming an RN recently. I don't plan to work the floor, as my background is in Case Management/Quality Improvement, but at my hospital I have seen new grads that its taken a year or more to land their first job! There are HUNDREDS of nurses applying for one job here. If I was a person looking for a new grad position, I would NOT come here, unless I had the resources to wait it out until getting a job. The housing prices are not good here, either. Cali sucks right now. Sorry!
  11. Hi all. Has anyone applied and been accepted to the U of Wyoming RN to BSN program? Is there anyone currently a student in said program that has feedback info regarding the program? It appears to be one of the cheapest programs with a seemingly uncomplicated course of study. Thanks in advance for your responses! :)
  12. lvn2rncali


    Yay! Congrats to you. May you have a wonderful, satisfying career. :w00t:
  13. lvn2rncali

    missed NCLEX date anythign I can do?

    You've taken the NCLEX twice already, why the shock over the process? You should be used to it already. The rules are the rules. And though they may not make sense to you, they have to be followed. You come across as really angry, even towards people on this site that you are asking advice from. Hopefully if you can get this ATT situation squared away and finally pass boards you will not take your present attitude to your workplace and make your patients suffer.
  14. Hi there. I know you may not like this, but I want to encourage you to get your RN license. I got my LVN (California) in 1993. I started in the Newborn Nursery and got into Case Management in order to have stable hours to spend more time with my daughter. When I started in Case Management in the 90's, positions for LVN's in various settings were plentiful. Now, there are only 4 LVN's in my whole hospital. They took the LVN's off the floor and told them to become transporters or find other jobs, which is terrible. Administration decided to phase out LVN's as they strive to achieve "Magnet Status" which all the hospitals across the country are doing. Have you heard of "BSN in 10?" This is also a push for Magnet Status and they want all RN's to have BSN in 10 years, which will ultimately do away with ADN programs in the future. There was an article posted by my school about New York being the first state to officially announce that they are doing away with LPN's. So I disagree...LPN/LVN will NOT be around forever. I felt like I had to apologize for not having gone the distance and secured an RN license among my peers that were RN's. Nursing is changing; and while I, like you, wanted respect for being an LVN, it just wasn't happening. Opportunities on and off the floor are becoming fewer, except maybe in nursing homes. I took NCLEX-RN this past Saturday and passed. So now my hospital has 3 LVN's left. I did the RN program while being a full-time employee and though it was tough, I'm happy for the opportunities my new license will afford me. The good thing is you can always keep your LPN license if you want, but get the RN so you will always have a career, just in case. Better safe than sorry. Good luck.
  15. lvn2rncali

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took NCLEX-RN on Saturday. I was so nervous, my goodness...what an experience. I had one SATA after another!! I also had lots of priority and infection control, as well. When I got to 74, I was thinking that if it shut off soon, then that means I rocked it or just a major moron. It shut off at 75. I cried right there because I did not feel confident that I'd passed the exam. About an hour later my daughter and I went out to the beach and checked Pearson Vue, which was also stressful (ugh, was so nervous could barely figure it out!) and I got the good pop up. I really hope this means I passed. It also said "delivery successful." I will pay for the quick results first thing tomorrow.
  16. lvn2rncali

    OMG I did it with 75 questions!!!!!!

    Congratulations to you on a great accomplishment!