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Gave my notice yesterday. - page 2

Went down to HR and did the paperwork for my resignation as of the last day of school. Very bittersweet...I will miss the kids and many of my co-workers, but sadly my school has become somewhat of a... Read More

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    I'm glad that you will have more time with your family! I send many happy thoughts your way.
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    You better not leave the'd be missed. Good Luck with your babies!!!!xo
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    Good luck with all of your future plans!! You will be missed. You should check in from time-to-time!!
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    Congrats on this new stage of your life! You will be missed on here! You won't regret it though-family is everything!
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    Oh wow!! Good luck to you.. I really enjoyed reading your posts Hope to continue reading more.
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    I'm so happy you'll be able to be home for your kids and maybe adopt!

    And yes, hang around because you are a fountain of information for all of us, especially the newbies.