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Do you enjoy being a school nurse? - page 3

I am pondering becoming a school nurse. I think I would like it and it would be a good match for my personality. But I have heard about many nurses doing school nursing and finding it too monotonous... Read More

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    In Massachusetts, entry level is an RN-BSN. You need to be nationally certified as a school nurse OR have your masters in nursing or education within 5 years to get your professional licensure as a school nurse (you can ask for a 5 year extension). An LPN would not qualify in Massachusetts.
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    I am in NY and here an RN is required as well.
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    NH met be registered nurse or if an LPN work under the direct supervision of an RN
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    I have been a nurse since 1970, I have worked in many fields including ER, Med/Surg, Administration, Office Nurse, and Home Health. I can say without a doubt that School Nursing for the last 12 years is my favorite. I think you have to be in the school of your choice, meaning Elementary, Middle School or High School. I have done all of them, but I find High School is my favorite I think each campus needs nurses that like that age group.
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    I am in a predicament. I started at the beginning fo the year in school nursing. I do like it. I love the hours. I love the low stress. I love being able to sleep because my cortisol seems to be in much better control now!!! I do NOT love working with a bunch of XX chromosome people. I have to admit that it is very very very hard. Women gossip and they gossip a lot. They are so mean to each other and to me. If it weren't for that I would stay but I am being torn right now as to what to do. I kept my job with Hospice, I work during the weekends and summers there, mainly because I was scared to death of not having an income during the summer. 3 months is a long time without a paycheck! But in one year we will have our mortgage paid off and no debt whatsoever. So I don't know which job to cut out, the hospice or the school???? I do not want to do both. I hate doing both. It defeats the purpose of having holidays and weekends off when I am working all my weekends and holidays with hospice. I love hospice and I love the work, I hate our manager she is a total rip and complete jerk. But I love most of the other hospice team. I do not know what to do!! I am really stressed about it because I don't know which job to get rid of. My kids are both in a lot of after school activities, which is why I took the school job, so that I would not have to miss all their ball games as I did when I worked with Hospice. This has been great because I never missed one of my DS ballgames and I was home to eat supper with them every night and help with homework. With hospice I left the house before everyone woke up and I returned many times when everyone was in bed. There was never any break! If I do hospice only, this time I am going to tell them weekends only and holidays, I will only be PRN and I would have to stick to my guns about not allowing them to rule my entire life, because I only have 5 more years with my dks in the house and them my role of being an active part of their lives is done. I don't want to be the absent mom ever again!! It was not good. My dh is very supportive of either job I take. I miss being off during the week sometimes with my school job. I miss being able to schedule hair and doctor and dentist appts. What would you do???? I always said I would go back to hospice after my kids were grown because I feel that God gave me a special love for people in their final chapter of life. I love hospice nursing have done it for 2 1/2 years now.
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    If you work weekends at hospice are you going to miss ball games and family activities? With only a few years left with your kids in the house I'm suprised you would want to work holidays too. That's awesome you will be able to choose what you want having all your debt paid off! Are you planning on helping with college, kid's car insurance, gas, etc? Those are things to take into consideration as well. It sounds like you like the hospice job better but the hours of the school job. If your family is ok with the holiday/weekend job then take it since you like it better but if they aren't totally on board with it wait a few more years. There will always be hospice jobs available and you're kids will be gone before you know it! You may also consider subbing as a school nurse instead where you can pick which days you want to work but not get caught up in all the politics!!