Do schools hire new grads?

  1. I've been working at a pediatric office for about 3 mos but would love to get into school nursing. Any chance they would hire me with so little experience? Just not sure if I should apply or if I would be wasting my time...
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  3. by   DalekRN
    I leaving a job after such a short time is a bad idea.
  4. by   NurseKitKat
    Every place is different, even districts in the same states have different requirements! Some want you to have ER experience so you know how to handle emergencies, some want only nurses with a special school nursing certification, some will only hire RNs, some will only hire LPNs/LVNs (RN lead), some hire off the just depends! Not very helpful I know, but true. If you are truly interested, talk to other school nurses, get your "foot in the door" so if a position becomes available you have an "in".

    DalekRN has a point about leaving after only 3 months as well. You don't want to appear fickle!

    Good luck, feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions....I'm on my 10th year & happy to help
  5. by   fetch
    Around here, any jobs that open up during the school year are going to go to either one of the sub nurses or someone with an "in" at the district. The open job postings that have the best opportunities for a new nurse get posted around late June/early July, with interviews in late July/early August, and then contracts starting two weeks before school starts in September.

    I got my first nursing job in early October 2012, then applied for a school nurse position in summer 2013. So it is possible, though not might not work out for you depending on your resume/location. I would say definitely stay at your current job as long as you can, but apply this summer. And if you don't get any bites this summer, stay at your current job and apply again next summer and see what happens. Depending on what hours you work, you can also sub nurse for the districts, which doesn't pay much but really gets you in the door.
  6. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    It really depends on the district. I was a new grad that started subbing as a school nurse. After a couple of months on a longer term sub job (plenty much full time for a month for a nurse on medical leave), I applied for and got a full-time school nurse job at a charter school. I am now working towards finishing my official school nurse certification with my state.

    Are there any sub positions you might be able to apply for that could work with your current work schedule?
  7. by   Cackalacky
    I worked in a psych hospital for about a month as an RN, but had been there for about 4 months as a tech while waiting on my license. I was hired as a school nurse after the school year had started because a nurse left. It all depends on who does the hiring and what their requirements are. We're hired through the health department and my only requirements were to have a BSN and to also be willing to work at the local health department during the summer or fall/spring break.
    Do a little searching and see what you find.
    Good luck! Maybe you'll even find a position that will allow you to have both so you're not switching jobs so soon??? I would have kept both, but that's another story.