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Do any of you in elementary have an AED? Where do you keep it? Thank you.... Read More

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    We actually used an AED at our High School during a concert. It was used for a grandparent of a student. It was used by an RN who was also in the audience. Many buildings are used for the general public for Park and Rec classes, etc etc. Maintenance consists of changing batteries. AED training is generally included in CPR training. I believe most would agree that they are a good idea to have in a public building.
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    My elementary school of 410 were donated 2 AED's by the fire sept. One is outside my office and the other one in the gym. But no one on my campus has been trained to use them...
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    With the new essentially layperson CPR being promoted, it takes notraining at all. Open the box and follow the instructions.
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    Ours are kept in the hallway outside the main door so that anyone has access to them, even if the office staff are gone after school. Or on the weekends.
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    Elementary school - ours is in a central location near our gym & cafeteria. We also have portable Oxygen (Oxysure) with ambu bag in the same location.

    I have never had to use the AED but have had to use the Oxysure a few times.
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    Ours is in a wall-mounted case, just outside of my office...
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    ours in right outside my office in the main hallway