A first grader just brought the following for lunch - page 3

Two hostess chocolate cupcakes A bag of mini chips ahoy cookies A chocolate yoohoo drink A strawberry gogurt A Danimals yogurt drink A bag of Jax cheese puffs THAT was his lunch! No... Read More

  1. by   kidzcare
    Quote from GdBSN
    In Texas, if the Acanthosis marker is present, we are required to do a height, body weight, BMI, and blood pressure evaluation. A notice is sent to parents, and the information is entered into and sent to UT Border Health Office.
    Interesting. Thanks!
  2. by   tining
    Thanx for explaining GdBSN. Acanthosis Nigricans is a possible marker for diabetes, it presents as a dark ring around the neck. Most people would think it is only a dirty neck. With diet and exercise the ring should fade. In Texas we are required to check along with hearing and vision screening, although it is not required for kinder.

  3. by   Cattz
    tining- I thought someone took a pic of my great nephew that I spoke of in a previous post.