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$15 an hr for a school nurse in Miami??!!

  1. 0 Is this possible? i think this is crazy but thisa is what a friend of mine was offered. she asked me if it sounded right to me but i am in NY> anyone out there able to help set the record straight?
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    I live in central FL and the base pay for my job was $13/hr () so, yes that does sound realistic. I was able to bump my salary up to $16.55 because I had 7 years nursing experience. As any school nurse will tell you, it's sure not about the money....you have to take other things into consideration - health insurance, vacation time, etc.
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    In VA I started out at 12.15/hr with 7 yrs experience. RN's are in the same pay band as custodians/bus drivers/cafeteria staff. It's a hard pill to swallow. I loved it, but sadly have decided to leave b/c I just can't get over the pay. After day care, gas (a 40 min drive one way) and double my grocery bill for packing 4 lunches a day... I am paying to work there. It's a shame that nurses are not compensated for what we do!!
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    There are some employers, even outside of FL, that pay this low because there are people who will work for low wages. School nurse does not typically pay as much as other areas of nursing.
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    Wow. I worked as a school health aide and made 16.07 an hr. I wasn't even a nurse
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    I can't believe these numbers!
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    The average 2008 school nurse pay for an RN is $46,416 a year.

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    Thanks Martha! BTW it was nic to finally meet you Face to Face in DC at the NASN conference!!!
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    Same!!! It is great to put a face to a name - thanks for speaking up!!
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    [quote=bergren;5349413]The average 2008 school nurse pay for an RN is $46,416 a year.

    Wow I am way below the average then...but with the time off and benefit package it is well worth it.

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