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Hi.. just an attempt to get to know folks better. Am curious as to what state you practice in. West Virginia here.... Read More

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    Hi Again Everyone,

    Thanks for posting. Very nice to meet all of you.
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    Im from Australia and i work in the gigantic state of Queensland. Rural and remote work. Worked ten months on a tropical island in a aboriginal community. Now in a dusty ant ridden mining town. Its nothing to travel 10 to 12 hours to get to a major city, not that australia has a lot of major cities. But queensland is cool, its soo big and soo empty. No jokes last night after finishing shift 2300hrs there was three grey kangaroos on the hospital lawn having a near midnight snack. This hospital is wopping 16 bed facility with outpatient/emergancy facilities. next stop the Northern Territory, watch the crocs crikey.
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    Hi there!! I live in Missouri.
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    Hi, I work in a 17 bed hospital in Western Montana.
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    i am from minnesota
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    Rural Tennessee
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    Hi all, I love on a small island in southeast alaska...Sitka...I work for IHS...woot, now that is rural!
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    I grew up very rural town of about 100 people here in South Dakota. I did make the move to a town of about 15000 but still only takes me 5 min to get to work. Tried big city living in 2000 but I guess I'm a small town girl at heart.
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    Small town is my hometown in Maryland. Population of 374 people, the next town over was 75 and on the other side 99. I am now in DE living in a lil bigger town.
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    I work in a small community in northern Maine. The town I live in has a population of 290.
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    I live in south FL, population lots. Still just a nursing student though...
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    I am a Home Health/Hospice Nurse in a small rural area, but can drive up to 130 miles a day to see 5 pts. Everybody is related to someone here and the main town is 6,000. I am from NY (LI) and LOVE Missouri!! I have nursed here 30 years. The pay is low, but I love it. It is cheap to live here (LOW taxes) and beautiful.
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    I am a RN in Hawthorne, Nevada. 70 miles from the nearest walmart. 5 hours from Las Vegas, 2 hours from Reno. Population of 2500. 4100 ft. elevation. Beautiful mountains, and lakes.