What is the new grad salary in the lifespan hospitals??

  1. 0 I am interested in the lifespan hospitals and just wanted to get an idea on the starting salary for new graduates, and the differentials for shifts. -Thank You!!
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    I'm interested to know as well. Hopefully no less than $25/hr.
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    I think its like 27/HR if I remember correctly.

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    26.52 base pay
    1.75 evening
    2.75 night
    3.50 weekend
    Also 1% raise every year you work there.. raise is set until 2015 (when contract is renewed)
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    tojal1989 are they hiring new grads at the moment??
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    No. They have many of positions posted but never fill them.
    They also won't hire you unless you have a BSN now.
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    You have to have a BSN to get hired there now.
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    They will hire ADN but only as an internal hire
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    So, all of the ads that are posted for licensed RN (BSN not required) are for internal hires only? This disappointing. Especially since there are not a ton of options in RI
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    Do you or someone you know work at a Lifespan hospital? Which one?
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    Why have ADN programs if hospitals don't want to hire RNs with an associates?! I have a BSN, but that's crazy to me. I'm sure if that's the case at RIH, they will help you bridge over to the bachelor's by offering classes/tuition reimbursement. I'm pretty sure that's what they do at Miriam. I would apply anyway.
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    I work at lifespan at an outpatient office.
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    Is this pay rate for a new nurse still accurate for lifespan hospitals ?

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