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Hi, I found a passion for Nursing and am starting with summer Session I, taking Intro to Health Careers and Medication Dosage Calculations. Are these classes overchallenging taken together in such a short time? How about me... Read More

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    Quote from laurainri
    By the way St. Joe's has a 2 year full time program. More money but you are done in 2 years it matters how much time you have. good luck !
    St. Joe's is a full three-year program.....unless you are an LPN and get advanced placement, it is two years.

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    Quote from PREMALERN
    Thanks. Just the answers I was looking for. I have a question on pre-reqs. Does phys. and micro. have to be completed before you can apply into the program? Also, I noticed your age. Mine is the same. Is it mostly youngins in the classroom and is it awkward in that respect? Guess I'm getting the pre-school anxiety. Good luck with the nursing program.

    God Bless
    Hey PRE -

    Youngins? I though I was still a youngin! Nursing students ages run the gammut from traditional high school grads to 50+ Night and weekends you will find will probably be mostly older because we all work during the day. But if you look as statistics the average age of nursing grads is something like 32.

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