Is Volunteering with inactive license possible after retirement?

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    Need Info Please: I Hold An Active License, Until 2009. Although I Am Retired, I Do Volunteer Hours At Community
    Clinic. If I Do Not Have Ceu's For Renewal And Let License
    Lapse, I Am Told I Can No Longer Do Volly Work At Clinic?

    I Do Triage And Vs But No Other Invasive Treatments. I Do

    Teach Patients Correct Use Of Meds, With Pharacist.

    My Question Is; Can I Continue To Do Volunteer Nursing Until
    Unable? I Am 71 Years Old And Would Like To Continue If
    Possible. Please Advise. It Worries Me. Thanks.

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    hope you get an answer, I don't know but I wish you the best
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    I wouldn't attempt to practice nursing without an active license, volunteer status or not. Contact your Board of Nursing and find out what the laws are regarding this. I would also make certain that your malpractice insurance covers you for volunteer activities.
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    As far as I know, it is illegal to practice as a registered nurse without an active license, regardless of whether you're getting paid or not. However, your state BON is your best source of information.

    Also a good point by caliotter3 about liability insurance.

    Another option is to continue to volunteer at the clinic but only perform duties/activities that don't require a nursing license ...
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    kudos for you wanting to give back to your community.

    check to see if your state has a post retirement volunteer license like pa: volunteer licenses

    if they don't, option is to continue active license or function in non-professional role only as volunteer with inactive license status.
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    Hi. I can't imagine any senario where I wouldn't keep my license active. They'll have to burn me at the stake. However, here's my dream job: I would be "independently wealthy" and could just show up and surprise the floor nurses. "Hey! What can I do for you guys and gals?" Just be an extra set of hands, spend time with patients, help out. Trouble is, I still need to work for a salary! Husband is self employed, so I carry the benefits too. I am currently among the "under-employed and uninsured." Long story! Very scary to not have insurance! COBRA cost was crazy! I am having to trust it will all work out, our health will be OK, etc. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!
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    To; Mother Of 2girlslpn.
    Thank You For Your Reply. To Help You In Your Question. Perhaps You Can Work One Or Two Shifts A Week To Start And
    Take Advantage Of The In Service Offered. Know It Is Tough To Take Care Of Children And Work (been There) But Hang In
    There. Maybe Trade Off Babysitting With Another Nurse Who Is In Same Boat. Good Luck. Oldflossie
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    Here is the rule in SC:

    And in NC:

    Whatever state you are in will have a similar collection of rules. I had to take inactive starting 2007 and have 5 years to do one of the competency requirements. I'm trying and have 18 CEUs recorded.
    But it sounds like what you are doing *is* Nursing. So wouldn't that qualify you to keep an active license at next renewal?
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    Since CEUs can be obtained through on-line and correspondance classes, why not just get the CEUs and maintain an active license? I'm 67 and still working but that's what I plan on doing. You never know when you might need that license and I certainly worked hard enough to get it in the first place.
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    I am on the other side of the big pond but I would be very worried about professional indemnity here in Australia if I worked in either a paid or volunteer capacity without what we call a "current practicing certificate", I can't remember what the statute of limitations on the "act of a reasonable man" status at law. That is to say when do you stop being judged against other nurses if there is a complaint which ends up in court.
    Just a thought.

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