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Hello!! I was wondering if I am alone in what I have done? I have been an RN since 1991. I have worked in Nursing homes and Home Health moslty, with some time in Cardiac Rehab and with mentally handicapped. This year as... Read More

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    Yes, I would definetely would like to know more what you are doing. I hope it's not some type of sales business, because I'm not good at it.

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    I too a seasoned nurse of 17 years in LTC have had it. I would love to go back to a state park job teaching kids about The Native Americans of the East Coast. It was what I truley enjoyed. Funny ....all the work you do to achieve a great career and you unfortunately find out its not what you think it was when they brainwashed you in school. Sad.
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    well said lumbarpain
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    good luck for both of us....I'm also thinking of changing career....I'm not happy anymore being a nurse.....It's just really hard to find yourself unhappy everytime you go to work as a nurse......'hope we can already find a career/work that will make us happy
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    Hi friends ,
    I always thought its only me who is not happy of the nursing profession, but reading about some of you is really giving me the courage to switch to something else which i would enjoy . I was working in a airline as a nurse for 5 years n was happy about it but i had to leave that job as i have migrated to another country with my husband . Now here I have to again look out for a job in a hospital which I am not very happy about , i dont have any additional degree either . I dont mind a 9-5 schedule in nursing line itself . i am all confused n frustrated please give me ideas . sad1 :-(
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    I have to come to absolutely DESPISE nursing. I have been a nurse for 7 years, and have tried several different areas. It is no longer about the patient, its allll about MOUNDS of ridiculous paperwork, employers that have no respect for us, so much stress that I cannot deal with. I have become increasingly depressed. I am at a job now that makes a lot of money.....but I have come to hate it also. I want to work somewhere positive, where employers don't overwork you to where you are sick. I swear I would not be surprised if I have a heart attack soon due to the STRESS! I want to leave nursing altogether. I will likely keep renewing the license, but I KNOW the next job I get will not be a nursing job. I am also sure I will most likely make less than half of what I make now.....but I will have my health and sanity back. I am just figuring out the plan now, of when to make my move and get out the hellhole they call nursing.
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    You can use aspects of your nursing education in other fields... I am now an LPC in private practice because I got sick and tired of all the games in nursing. I am still an RN but don't really use it much. The pharmacology and psych training sure have helped though. It is such a great feeling, though, to know that if the going gets tough, you don't have to grovel to keep your job, you and they both know that you can go elsewhere, which makes them treat you better.
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    What is an LPC?
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    What is an LPC?
    Licensed Professional Counselor, sorry!
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    I have been an RN for 29 years, ADN with a BS in Community Health ED, I have done it all from Oncology Nursing, to Home Health, to working with a grant for substance abusing, pregnant women, casemanager, to insurance precert, to my last job worked my way up to sr management with an hmo. I took time off to be a road warrior since my son played college ball and daughter in college, AND SHEER EXHAUSTION (health stuff). That was 8 yrs ago. i am 49, this yr. Son has since graduated college, daughter last yr nursing school, yay her. I am now refreshed and staying FAR FAR away from nursing, but entering the workforce. I am applying for an Admissions Coordinator/Medical Records positon job. I am soooooo excited for this position!!! Another job i have applied for is a Staffing Coordinator. These jobs are at LTC facilities. I am able to utilize my skills in medical records, HIPPA stuff, staffing of the nurses and their shifts. Working with the nursing supervisors, without dealing with patient care!!! I feel relief. I really didn't want a hospital. That environment is too busy for me. I just pray i get the job. So the pay isn't up there what I was making, but WHO CARES!!!

    My only problem i felt is always having to explain the 8yr gap in my unemployment...and the "lack of experience", but when they review my resume, kinda speaks for itself... so just a thought....
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