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I'll be applying to ABSN (or ELMSN) programs this upcoming year. I have been getting increasingly frustrated over becoming a nurse which is starting to worry me. The main thing I keep hearing is that nurses are mean and not... Read More

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    no way dude. Sometimes I wish I was in front of a computer and had my own cubicle.
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    probably not
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    There are so many specialties in nursing and so many options. I cannot imagine another field with so much diversity and such variation. I have RN friends who work in research, school nursing, correctional, psych, ED, oncology, nursing educators, etc. My next door neighbor is a flight nurse.

    Maybe I'm a happy nurse because I've never worked a floor.
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    OK. So far I have counted the following:

    28 "No's,"

    19 "Yes's,"

    and about 7 "? - Maybe if this or that/unsure, or not definitively answered either way."
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    Quote from cardiacrocks
    Since this is a third career for me, I can relate to being a waitress and a customer service rep for an insurance company, and let me tell you something, I get far more respect being a nurse. This is a career that I knew I'd be using my brain on a daily basis. I don't feel like I'm a waitress, because I've been a waitress, I've had creamer thrown in my face. Don't get me wrong I loved waiting tables, however, my body took a beating and I just couldn't see myself waiting tables when I'm in my 60's. I have two bachelor's degrees and chose nursing as my career. I've worked with women all my life and let me tell you, they never change. It doesn't matter where you work there are catty women! You have to rise above the BS.
    you must not work on a hospital floor then. customer service AND waitressing along with medical tx :-(
    And at least in waitressing the odds that a customer is going to attack you with a fork are fairly low, correct me if im wrong :-)
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    Quote from CapeCodDreamer
    Just curious for all those who answered "no"...What would you rather be doing for work? I ask this in all sincerity, because I'm on the fence, myself, and trying to get an idea of all the options out there.
    I had a factory job prior to nursing. company closed. I might have c/o stuff back then, but after being in nursing, what I wouldnt give to have that job back!!!
    To be realistic though, I was thinking of going back to school for RHIT healthcare records tech. I have alot of the pre- req's already.yes it's a cut in pay. But it would give me a couple years to pay off my bills while studying, and realize there might be an end to the nursing h e double hockey sticks
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    I don't know... I had the opportunity to become a teacher instead, but I kept
    feeling a "tug" to go back to nursing school.

    I think part of that though, was that the education program at the college
    where I was attending, was horrific, and the office staff were rude. I got
    stuck doing observations in a kindergarten class, and the teacher and aide
    kept sticking me with this little girl who had the most gawd-awful behavior.

    There are many many times that I wish I had become an art teacher!
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    I am in front of a computer all day...I'm an MDS Coordinator.
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    Quote from jrwest
    you must not work on a hospital floor then. customer service AND waitressing along with medical tx :-(
    And at least in waitressing the odds that a customer is going to attack you with a fork are fairly low, correct me if im wrong :-)
    I am correcting you, I do work as a floor nurse, I work on a cardiac step-down unit, it is crazy there everyday, but I love it! I have never been attacked by a patient. There are those days that I do think, what the heck was I thinking going into nursing, however, I think those thoughts far less than I did when I was waiting tables. I'm not putting down being a waitress, but, I never used my brain like I do now. Think about it, everyday we help save someones life, everyday we have to make crucial decisions on how we treat our patients, we are their voice. We see people at there most vulnerable times. This is just my opinion, I for one LOVE BEING A NURSE!
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    Not in a million years, nope, never.

    Its really REALLY sad to me that so many of us feel this way....

    If I could go back, I would not have done anything related to the health care field.

    I would rather be

    1. Stay at home mom (and NOT have to worry about bills)
    2. A good paying job that I could perform strictly from home so that I could do what I really love (refer to #1)
    3. A non-stressful office type job
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