Would this be a turn off in an interview?

  1. I am an ICU nurse of 2 years who will be interviewing at another hospital as a nurse. I am a premed student right now and I have put this in my resume. I am not sure how to explain this during the interview; I am afraid it will ruin my chances of getting hired. I like being a nurse but I realized I wanted to pursue further. I am not sure what I should do, if I should leave this information out. I am afraid I won't be accepted
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  3. by   kabfighter
    I'd leave it out. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but they may question the longevity of your employment if they know that you are going to be seeking medical education in a few years.

    I just graduated with an ASN and started working as an RN on Monday. I am returning to do pre-med as well...I am fortunate that there is a 'health science' degree at my school which incorporates all of the pre-med courses as well as overlapping with courses I took for the fledgling BSN program, which will not be accredited until after I was scheduled to graduate.
  4. by   KelRN215
    It's not going to help you get a nursing job and could possibly hurt you... an employer will know that there is no possibility of longevity if you are planning to return to medical school relatively shortly and they'll know it won't be worth their investment in you. Turnover is expensive for hospitals.
  5. by   CherylRNBSN
    Keep it to yourself. It will not help you, and could very possibly hurt you.

    You will be seen as a short term employee, and hiring/preceptorships are expensive to hospitals.
  6. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    It shouldn't be, but the fact is middle managers are so insecure it probably would be. I wouldn't mention it.
  7. by   caliotter3
    I would not mention this. I always try to steer away from the subject of further education as I have found that it is detrimental to getting hired unless you are speaking about education already obtained.
  8. by   lolakbolak
    Thanks everyone thats helpful
  9. by   kabfighter
    Nursing sets itself aside in the fact that advanced education isn't encouraged (through financial incentive), and in some cases it is detrimental. In my first interview at a long-term care facility I made the mistake of mentioning that I'd like to be an APRN sometime in the future. Thankfully I didn't get that job, as I am now happily employed in a med-surg position...I mentioned that I was returning to school during the interview for that position, but for a BSN (although that plan has changed).
  10. by   Havin' A Party!
    Leave it out.

    Best of luck with your future challenge!